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Need currency exchange in Adelaide?

Foreign Xchange is an efficient and hard-working group who provides Money Exchange Services. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 2013, we hit the ground running with our direct approach and money saving policies.

Foreign Xchange is your one stop solution! We do not charge any fees or commissions when it comes to Exchanging your Foreign Currencies.

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We are here to save our customers money and make all financial transactions convenient and efficient.

Why choose us!

We pride ourselves on the personalized service that we provide to our clients and customers. You never have to worry about hidden fees that all the big banks charge. FX is the new generation of money exchange company and we are leading the way to not only provide excellent service, but also save YOUR time and money by providing the best rates!

We can also help you out if you want us to deliver your currencies within Australia!! Just speak with one of our friendly staff members and they will help you out in this process. Our company prides in ensuring that we comply with all the local regulations and we ensure that we are observing all the rules and regulations within Australia.

If you are in Adelaide and need your money exchanged we are more than happy to help. From the AUD to the RMB to Pound to USD and everything in between.

Before you hit the road… come see us!

Exchange your money before you travel to get the best rates and excellent service. If you are visiting Adelaide and want the best rates on currency exchange Foreign Xchange is the place for you.