Murraylands / Riverland Currency Exchange & Travel Money Options

Murraylands and Riverland are regions found in South Australia. The regions are popular with local and international tourists due to exceptional recreational activities like canoeing/ kayaking, windsurfing, rowing, sporting activities or visiting parks and reserves. Residents get to enjoy the regions all the time but they also like to travel abroad from time to time. If you have an upcoming trip overseas, it’s never too early to plan where you’re going to get your foreign currencies. Even a few numbers difference in the rate can add up to hundreds of dollars of extra travel money.

Your travel distance to the money exchange centre matters in terms of time and cost spent. It wouldn’t make financial sense to travel to a far-off location to get the best rates. The marginal benefit you gain on the rates may come to zero on the cost-benefit analysis. If you’re in Murraylands or Riverland, here are your options.

Commonwealth Bank Murray Bridge Branch

Murray Bridge town is approximately 75 km from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The bank’s branch is located in Murray Bridge town. Apart from normal bank services, you can get forex services here.

The bank offers two options for you to buy foreign currencies. You may order online or visit the bank’s branch near you. However, you must present yourself with your ID at the branch to collect the foreign cash.


  • -There are up to 30 foreign currencies you can exchange.
  • -You don’t have to be their bank customer to get money exchange services.


  • -Bank opening and closing hours may inconvenience you.
  • -The transaction is subject to availability of foreign currency cash.
  • -Currency exchange rates may not be that good.
  • -You’ll have to collect the foreign cash in person at their nearby branch.

Where to Get Travel Money at Truro, Murraylands

ANZ Bank Murray Bridge Branch

The bank opens at 9:30 am and is available Monday to Friday. It’s located in 27 Bridge St.


  • -A wide selection of foreign currencies is stocked.
  • -Predictable service hours.


  • -Having to collect the cash in person is time-consuming.
  • -The rates are not the best.
  • -Parking can be a major problem.

Foreign Xchange

This is our service. We provide an online currency exchange service so that customers all over Australia can benefit from the best rates (that’s guaranteed!). Just simply make your order online and we’ll deliver your travel money to you within 3 business days. The process is completely secure and fully insured for your peace of mind.

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You simply place an order online and pay. We’ll deliver your travel money within 5 working days. You don’t have to travel anywhere to collect your money. We save you the troubles of long road travels and unnecessary queues.


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Our well-trained customer care representatives are always available to assist you whenever you need help. We ensure you get the best and satisfactory foreign exchange services every time. We’re happy to help facilitate your overseas travel by getting you all the major currencies. We have US dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Japanese Yen, and many more.

Due to the numerous benefits of our service, we are getting great feedback from around Australia, including Truro, Morgan, Mannum, Meningie, Swan Reach, Murray Bridge, Pinnaroo, Lameroo, Callington, Karooda, Loxton, Berrie and more.

Save yourself from long distances of travel by ordering online. Loxton, Riverland, for instance, is about 256 km from Adelaide. This is a cool 2 hours 50 minutes on average on the road. You’ll still have to find some parking space in town.

Swan Reach town is roughly 166km, 2 hours 10 minutes ride. You can avoid stress and inconvenience of waiting in lines by buying online from us. Enjoy the online experience of foreign currency exchange solutions at Foreign Exchange. We’ve earned trust from our customers.

Physical money exchangers may have better rates than banks but ours are unbeatable. Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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