Recommended Places To Visit On Europe

What Are The Best Places To Go In Europe?

Europe is full of many amazing places to visit, but, to get the most out of these great options, you might wish to utilise the public transport system to the fullest. In attempts to offset rising fuel costs and to reduce the impact on the climate, quite a few countries have decided to make their public transport free. Luxembourg, for example, has been the first country to offer nationwide free public transport. This applies to tourists, too! Be sure to check out public transport options specific to the country you’re visiting to make the most of your time in Europe.A picture of the louvre museum in Paris, France

One reason Europe is such a popular destination for travellers is that it has such an extensive number of different attractions to offer. You could visit the Louvre Museum located in France, for example – home to one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous pieces, the ‘Mona Lisa.’ This painting has a layer of bullet-proof glass and is surrounded by guards to ensure maximum security. A ticket costs 22 – 25 AUD if purchased online. The online ticket option is very convenient – and it allows you to avoid some of the queues.

Or you could visit Stonehenge, a world heritage site located in Wiltshire, England. This prehistoric stone circle is one of the most architecturally sophisticated in the world. Stonehenge, along with other related monuments and associated landscapes, has helped historians to better understand Neolithic and Bronze age mortuary and ceremonial practices. Direct access to the site will cost you around 30 – 35 AUD – however, you can access a hiking trail near the site for free.

There are so many other interesting places to visit in Europe, including the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. The Grand Canal is so famous due to the centuries-old palaces that flank both sides of the canal. Many of them are from the 13th to 18th century, having existed in the time of the Venetian Republic. You can take part in the Canal Grande Tour for 45 AUD.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to visit throughout Europe, so be sure to incorporate as many as you can into your trip!

Different accommodation options and prices throughout Europe

You should be able to find quite a few different accommodation options throughout Europe, with plenty of options that will suit any traveller.

If you’re on a budget, you should try to get rooms at either a hostel or budget hotel. For one person, a room per night at a hostel is around 20 – 50 AUD, while a room per night at a budget hotel is around 35 – 100, this price varies quite largely depending on where you are staying. This is the same case for an entire apartment at an Air Bnb, as the price can vary anywhere from 30 – 200+ AUD per night. Expect to pay around 100 – 200 AUD per night for a mid-range hotel, and 200 – 500+ AUD per night in a luxury hotel. Do keep in mind that these costs are the averages, so the cheapest countries will be at the far lower end of these ranges whereas the most expensive ones will be near the higher end.Side of the roman coliseum

Most Western European countries will charge you around 37 – 50 AUD per night spent in a dorm room. Greece and Spain tend to be cheaper, charging 15 – 30 AUD per night instead. If you plan on staying somewhere in Scandinavia, you should expect to pay more, around 45 – 50 AUD per night.

Generally, the most expensive countries to travel to in Europe include Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, as well as France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Ireland. But sometimes the flights to the major cities in these countries can be more affordable than flights to cheaper countries – something to keep in mind while budgeting and planning your trip!

Eating out options in Europe

Food prices can vary greatly in Europe – but, on average, expect to pay somewhere between 7 – 14 AUD for a decent meal in cheaper countries and between 20 – 40 AUD for one in more expensive countries. If you want to lower the cost of food, you can buy local foods or groceries from the farmer’s market or grocery store. You should also consider buying loaves of bread from a bakery to add to your meals.A picture of the leaning tower of pisa

As for restaurants, Europe has plenty of viable options available for you, ranging from budget options to fine dining. For example, you could visit Chishuru located in London, a modern West African restaurant that makes contemporary West African food using age-old techniques. Dinner is generally priced at 68 AUD from Tuesday to Thursday, and 70 AUD from Friday to Saturday. Lunch is around 45 AUD.

For a more budget-friendly option, let’s consider RizRaz, located in Copenhagen. This restaurant serves modern Mediterranean food, focused on preparing the tastiest and most fresh dishes they can offer. Among their fish and meat dishes, they also have vegetarian options! You can expect to pay around 30 – 35 AUD for a filling burger or sandwich or 50 – 55 AUD for steak options. They have additional starters, buffets, and dessert options too.

So, now that you’ve read a bit about Europe, it’s time to get planning! We hope you enjoy your European vacation!