Foreign Xchange does exchange foreign currencies for all its customers.

At present we do not accept foreign coins and travellers cheques.

No! Foreign Xchange does not charge any fees or commissions for exchange foreign currencies.

Foreign Xchange staff members have an obligation to verify the identity of any customer who avail its services, we call it as KYC or Know Your Customer.
We need a valid Identification Document. An Australian Drivers Licence is an ideal example of a complete valid ID.
A valid complete ID must possess the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Address
  4. Photograph
  5. Issue and Expiry Date
  6. Signature
  7. ID Number
  8. Should have been issued by a government.

We recommend customers to register themselves prior to purchasing currencies online or in the branches. Visit www.foreignxchange.com.au to complete the registration.

No. There is no limit in buying or selling the currencies within our branches, although we may ask for local ID, proof of income and other related details based on the risk that transaction may pose.
There is a limit of $9000 that a registered customer can purchase online.
Foreign Xchange has a commitment towards law enforcing agencies. We have to identify our customers and abide by the law to ensure legal transaction are made at all times.
This means you may have to walk in to one of our locations before we activate your registration number.
* Firstly, customers will have to be a registered online before using this service. This means, customers will have to provide their details according to their Australian Driving Licence, Age Proof Card or Passport, as this is a mandatory requirement for foreign xchange to provide currency exchange service to any of its customers.
* Customers will have to go to the buy currency option in the menu of foreign xchange website and select the required currency and set the required amount of currency in Australian Dollars.
* Customers will have to select, whether they want to pick the currency from foreign xchange store or they want their currencies delivered to them. (Postage / Courier charges apply for delivery of currency)
* Once the currency has been selected and the Australian amount has been set. Customers will have to log in their individual NetBank / internet banking account and pay the Australian Dollar equivalent via BPay service to Foreign Xchange.
* Once BPay payment has been made, Foreign Xchange staff will contact customers, and the set rate and currency will be available for the customers to be picked up or will be delivered to them within 48 hours.
To fulfil our customers’ expectations, we try to meet the expected denominations. However this could take 2 business days depending on the availability.
We accept EFTPOS Cards with savings and cheque account.