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How to Find the Best Rates for NZD Currency Exchange in Australia

Australians love travelling to New Zealand – and exchanging AUD to NZD has never been easier. Whether the purpose of your travel is to experience NZ’s beautiful nature and rich culture or to visit a friend, buying foreign currency beforehand is the way to go!

Try to order your currency online. This is usually both the cheapest and easiest option. Firstly, you must pick the amount and currency you require. The next step is to decide whether you want your order delivered directly to your home – or if you’d like to pick it up at a local branch. Then, you pay by bank transfer or card – and that’s it!

Doing your currency exchange online is quickly growing and becoming popular for many different reasons. Exchange rates that are offered online are often much better than the ones offered by banks or stores. Online currency converters are also easy to access and use, helping you to calculate the amount you need. If you choose to pick up your order, there are plenty of easy options available. If not, the provider may be able to send your money directly to your home – or to your local Australia Post office! 

Exchanging currency at a bank is still something you may consider. However, beware of some of the ways this can affect your cash exchange. The currencies available, how much money you need and the pick-up location of your order can all affect your experience and ability to exchange currency. If you choose to order currency at the bank or online, delivery usually takes approximately 3-5 business days. 

Get Your NZD In Two Simple Steps:

Select The Currencies You Need And Complete Your Order Online, Paying Via BPay Or Money Transfer.

Your Currencies Will Be Delivered Direct To Your Home Within 3 Business Days.

There are a number ways for you to spend your time, and you don’t have to spend money for them all. These activities can be just as or more engaging than those where your pennies are requires.

More about how Foreign Exchange works

Foreign Xchange employs the latest technological and operational standards to ensure your privacy and payment details are in safe hands. We only work with premium couriers companies and our deliveries are fully insured for your peace of mind.
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Have You Considered How Much You Need?

Factor in all of the events you’ve planned and the amount of time you’ll be gone for. It’s wise to give yourself some room for error also, and to know for sure how much NZD you will get check our live exchange rates table

Travelers will benefit by using a simple model as: NZ$364.00/person/day.

Can You Use AUD in NZ?

No, you can not. While Australia and New Zealand are both very close nations in a lot of aspects they are both separate nations and use their own respective currencies. Australia uses AUD dollars and New Zealand uses NZD dollars. 

Is NZD Stronger Than AUD?

While the AUD NZD economies very closely linked. The New Zealand dollar performance is influenced heavily by the Australian dollar meaning generally speaking the Australian dollar is stronger.

How Much is $100 Australian Dollars in NZ Dollars?

About 101$ – 102$ not much difference since Australian dollars and New Zealand are very similar and closely related. You can’t expect much difference between AUD to NZD exchange. If you like you can see the exact amount with our currency calculator above. 

What is The Money Called in New Zealand?

A common nickname of the New Zealand dollar is the Kiwi dollar since there is a Kiwi bird the national bird on the one-dollar coin. Whereas the currency code is NZD on live charts. 


  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Queenstown

Average Hotel Rates

  • NZ$204.00
  • NZ$80.00
  • NZ$90.00
  • NZ$133.00

Taxi Ride From The Airport To The City

  • NZ$50.00 (32mins/24km)
  • NZ$41.35 (90mins/45km)
  • NZ$45.00 (20mins/15km)
  • NZ$25.00 (15mins/8km)


  • NZ$20.00 – NZ$50.00
  • NZ$2.00
  • NZ$29.00
  • NZ$25.00 – NZ$110.00

There are a number ways for you to spend your time, and you don’t have to spend Aussie dollars for them all. These activities can be just as or more engaging than those where your pennies are requires.

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