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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I specify currency denominations for my foreign currency order?2023-01-30T11:34:12+00:00

    Yes, you may request specific denominations. The team will try its best to source the requested denominations however, if unavailable you will receive a mixture of high and low denominations depending on the currency you ordered.

    2. The rate keeps fluctuating, why?2023-02-10T11:09:07+00:00

    Exchange rates are in constant fluctuation, based on global supply and demand. Any shift in the market rates will have a direct effect on the rates on our website. Please refer to our Terms of Use page to know about our exchange rates.

    3. Your rate is different from that of Google, XE etc?2023-01-30T11:35:28+00:00

    The rates you see on google or XE are most often referred to as mid-rates (also known as interbank rates). It is the rate at which banks trade large sums of foreign currency with one another. At Foreign Xchange, we use reputable online sources to provide you with the best exchange rate which is inclusive of our markup fee.

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