7 Reasons To Buy Currency From ForeignXchange

1. Experience:

We have over 10 years in the currency exchange industry which has helped us build a platform that we know works for our customers. Coupled with convenience and unbeatable currency exchange rates, our experience is just one of the reasons that our customers keep on coming back to us for their travel money. With over 35,000 happy customers that help us to be one of the best travel currency exchange companies in Australia.

2. Security:

We understand how important it is that you not only get your travel money in a timely fashion but also securely. We build security into every single stage of our process. Right from the moment you put your order details in you can be safe in the knowledge knowing that your data is safely secured on our database. Let it also be known that your order is also insured should it get muddled-up or lost in transit. This leads to our next added benefit…

3. Peace of mind:  

As mentioned previously, our business and deliveries are backed by secured insurance which gives both us and you peace of mind. If for whatever reason your currency is delivered to the wrong address, gets lost in the post or for some unforeseen circumstances arise – you can have total peace of mind knowing that your currency exchange order is backed up by our insurance.

4. Best rates:

Our currency exchange rates are reviewed on a constant basis to make sure that all of our customers are given the best rate we can offer. We are constantly striving to offer the best currency rates in the industry across all of our major currencies. Our streamlined online currency exchange platform coupled with low overheads enables us to deliver the best rates possible to all those looking for travel money.

5. Simplicity:

With a simple two-step process to your hands on your travel money – it’s almost the number one reason why our customers keep on coming back. With multiple currencies available that can all be purchased in one order. Our platform is one of the easiest, hassle-free processes to use. Through, thorough market research from looking at our competitors and talking directly to our customers, we’ve come up with a process that makes ordering currency online as simple as possible. We challenge you to find an easier to use online currency exchange platform!

6. Convenience:

It can be a nightmare at the best of times searching for the best currency exchange rates. Venturing out into the city center to track down the provider with the lowest commission fees can also be a real headache. Our online platform that delivers your travel money direct to your doorstep is hassle-free, easy and most of all convenient. Save time and also money by ordering in the comfort of your home or at the office during the week.

7. Comprehensive:

Finally, although we have many of our main currencies listed on our site – we have access to over 60 currencies right at our fingertips. If you need travel information, advice on carrying cash abroad or want to find out about travel exchange limits – simply contact us with any questions or queries. With over ten years in the industry there is very little we don’t know when it comes to the currency exchange market. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your currency questions.

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