An Aussies Ultimate Guide & Checklist Before You Travel Overseas

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In this ultimate guide, we go through our top 9 things to consider before heading overseas. No matter where you are headed or how long you are going for you may want to read up on or do a little bit of research about these key considerations below. As the famous saying goes “there is no place like home” so you may want to make sure you are aware of cultural differences before you head overseas. You may get a shock if you are headed to a country or travel destination you know nothing about. On the other hand, you may find that Australia is all that different when you compare our country to another. So without further ado here is our ultimate guide and checklist before you travel anywhere overseas.

1. Check To See If & What Visa You May Need

There is nothing worse than booking your flights, accommodation and sorting out your day by day itinerary only to land at your chosen travel destination to find out you need a visa to enter a country that you weren’t aware of. You will be surprised to know that everyday Australian’s are refused entry to different countries across the globe because of improper planning or not having the right visa.

It is definitely worthwhile to do your research on visas before you head overseas. Those travelling for longer periods of time, either for business, work or extended periods of leisure you should definitely find out what your visa conditions are and whether you have the right permissions to do what you intend on doing.

2. Do I Need Any Vaccinations?

Although vaccinations can be quite rare for travellers heading overseas, if you are heading to a less economically developed country, you may need to book yourself in to get vaccinated for certain diseases before you travel. Make sure you do this many months before you depart as some vaccinations require time to work or you may even have to revisit to get your vaccine in different phases.

On top of this, booking yourself into your local doctors or hospital to get the relevant alprostadil injections may take time. Expect the cost to be quite high also, so definitely budget for this. It is worthwhile to check to see if certain vaccines are covered by medicare or even through your private health cover. Either way, factor this cost into your overall holiday budget and make sure you get the shots you need before you travel.

3. Order Currency Online

You can save heaps of money by ordering your currency online. Shopping around on comparison sites and comparing rates is a must to make sure you get the best amount of currency possible. Ordering your currency online can also save you a great deal of time, and getting your travel cash delivered can really take all the hassle out of the process.

It is definitely worth researching and familiarising yourself with your foreign currency before you head overseas. As there is nothing worse than not knowing which denomination is which and accidentally overpaying for something or fluffing around at the checkout. Not only that, when you tip the waiter on your first meal out, you don’t want to be tipping him more than you should. Likewise, you don’t want to cause any offence!

4. Read Up On National Laws & Cultural Behaviour

Most countries laws are relatively similar, but there are a few areas that you could get caught out on. We would recommend doing thorough research on your travel destination to make sure what you might think as normal is in fact locally breaking the law. The smallest of things such as drinking alcohol in public, chewing gum in the street or crossing the road in the wrong place could see you get fined or even put into a jail cell.

In most developed countries you should be alright, especially if the primary language is English. However, if you are travelling to a country that you know little about it may be worth doing a small bit of research on cultural behaviour or what you should and shouldn’t do.

5. Check Out The Climate Before You Travel

Knowing what the weather will be like before you go can determine what you get up to and how you pack your bag. Weather can always be unpredictable but if you have a rough guide on what the weather is going to be like for the next 7 to 14 days on the day of departure. You can usually get a rough idea of what type of clothes you need to pack. If you know the weather is going to be a bit hit and miss it is definitely worth making the most of outdoor activities whilst the weather is good. And spending time in museums, shopping malls or indoor attractions if you know the weather will be bad.

6. What The Tech?

See what plug adapters you need before you get overseas. Many hotels can be accommodating, but it’s not always a guarantee. Check to see whether you’ll have wifi at your accommodation to check in with friends or family back home. We would also recommend seeing what your roaming charges are for your mobile network when using your phone abroad. There is nothing worse than returning from a long trip overseas to find a hefty phone bill waiting at home for you. You may also be better off getting hold of a local pay as you go sim if your trip is going to be a long one. We would also suggest getting travel insurance that covers your phone, camera and any other gadgets you may decide to travel with. Just in case of any unexpected damages, lost baggage or theft.

7. Carry Out A Final Bag Check

Taking photos of everything that you put into your suitcase or backpack can be a great way to check you have everything you need before you stuff it all into your luggage. It can also be a great way to see if you’re packing things that you might not really need. It is also a great way to make sure that you are not missing anything out that could be crucial to your trip.

As mentioned previously, make sure you have packed appropriately for your travel destinations climate. And we would also recommend putting a unique tag or identifier on the outside of your bag so that nobody mistakes it at the airport terminal and picks yours up instead of theirs at baggage reclaim.

8. Pre-booking Attractions Can Save You Time

If you know there are certain attractions that you want to visit on your trip or you want to make sure you spend time at. It could be essential that you book ahead. Popular attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in France or the Statue of Liberty in New York can experience long waiting lines, just to get tickets! However, if you pre-book you could save yourself time. Again, check the weather forecast on the days that you want to visit these attractions as it can be a real game-changer in terms of your experience.

9. Compare Accommodation

Paying too much for accommodation can change your vacation dramatically. Over-paying could mean compromising your overall budget. Make sure you get the balance right so that you stay in a place you are comfortable with, whilst not breaking the bank meaning that you can’t overindulge here and there. After all, you are on holiday right?

We would recommend comparing hotel prices in your chosen destination to get a feel for what you should be paying. Customer reviews on sites such as Tripadvisor can also be a great indicator to see whether what you are paying for actually matches the experience. Don’t be put off by the odd negative review. But if the negatives outway the positives it’s probably best to stay clear.

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