Where to get the best AUD to USD exchange rate?

With more and more people heading over to the states every year. It’s no wonder why there are a greater number of foreign exchange companies vying for your business. Whether you’re heading over to the east coast, stopping off at New York or heading to the deep south. Getting your US Dollars sorted before you head overseas should be your number one priority.

Here at foreignxchange.com.au, we’re passionate about travel. We understand how sometimes all you want to do when you’re on holiday is to forget about how much money you have to spend every day. Well now with our currency exchange platform, we’re transforming the way people buy their foreign cash.

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We’re innovating how holidaymakers and business travelers get their hands on foreign currency. Every day, people all over Australia waste both time and money going around their local shopping districts trying to find the best exchange rate. Well with our unique currency delivery service you can get your travel money sorted without having to leave the house.

Just imagine the stress you will put yourself under, driving into the CBD. Finding a parking space. Spending the next 30 to 60 minutes darting between each currency shop trying to remember which one had the best rate. Getting in the queue. Waiting in the queue. Only to find out you could have got a better rate online with us.

Why Choose Foriegnxchange.com.au?

Our delivery service is safe, secure and fully insured. We use trusted couriers to ensure that your foreign currency is delivered without any hiccups. No matter what the amount, you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything was to happen, you would be fully covered by our protection insurance. We do charge a nominal fee of $10 per delivery to help cover this cost.

Not only that. By not having loads of physical stores across Australia, we’re able to keep our overheads extremely low. This means we can pass this cost back to you, by offering some of the best exchange rates all across Australia.

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Use our currency exchange calculator, which is easily accessible on our homepage to find out how many US Dollars you can get for Australian Dollars. Our quick and easy order form makes getting your US Dollars easy and your next trip spending money, sorted in a matter of minutes. We allow five business days minimum for all deliveries, and only use trusted couriers who we have been working with very closely for several years.

Exchange your AUD to USD online today and we’ll deliver to your residential address before you head overseas on your trip of a lifetime to the United States of America.