Introducing Our Cash Passport Service has just added another fantastic currency service to it’s offering. Australian’s travelling overseas will now have access to our very own MasterCard Cash Passport Prepaid Travel Card!

Not only can you now get foreign cash delivered to your doorstep, but you can now order a prepaid travel card! Order foreign cash and a prepaid travel card together so that you always have a back-up or order separately, the choice is yours.

This prepaid travel card features 11 currencies with locked in exchange rates at the time of purchase. That’s right! Even if the rate goes down before you head overseas, your rate is locked in as soon as you load your card. Travelling to more than one destination? No worries! You have the ability to load up to 11 different currencies to one single card. Making carrying cash from destination to destination simple.

The travelcard is free to purchase. All you need to do is load it with your initial amount, and away you go. Worried about running out of funds and want to top-up? It’s easy, just reload online and you’re back up and running again. The card has no issue fees or reload fees and is free to use to make overseas purchases.

The MasterCard Prepaid Passport Travelcard is extremely versatile, flexible and allows you to make purchases overseas in thousands of different locations. Use your cash passport just like any other credit or debit card you would use here. You can use your prepaid card online, in-store or even at local ATM machines when you are overseas (just take note that some ATM’s may charge for their services).

Surely it can’t get any better, can it? Well, with this travelcard you will get 24/7 assistance, no matter where you are in the world. Lost, damaged or stolen, the Prepaid Mastercard passport comes with around the clock assistance to help you get a replacement sorted or provide you with an emergency cash option.

Cash can be great, but when you start overindulging on that once in a lifetime trip. It’s always great to have a back-up option. Use today to get both cash and travel card before you head off overseas. With our unique online, home delivery foreign cash exchange service you can exchange currency in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and all other areas right across Australia. Place your order online today, and you could have your foreign currency in as little as five business days.