New Changes Coming To Melbourne Airport

Melbourne International airport could look a whole lot different this time next year after big plans have been drawn up to start introducing more dynamic, local talent in the form of some of Melbourne’s finest chefs and baristas. It was only last week that the impressive and well renowned independent roasters St ALi opened a snug outpost within Melbourne Airports international departure lounge.

It is a move that Andrew Gardiner, the airports Chief of Retail has said is likely to resonate with locals and the younger generation that is coming through the airport every single day. It’s a brave move, but one that could well pay off as more and more Australian’s look to support local brands and smaller chain suppliers.

It could well see the slow depreciation of some other well-known multi-nationals within the airport terminal, but could well give opportunities to smaller outlets already based in Melbourne, a chance to grow their businesses.

St Ali’s is the first of a few to be welcomed with open arms as frequent flyers start heading off on their holidays or business trips overseas. The new barista will be open between 5 am to 1 am and will serve top-notch, specialty coffees, brunch bites and much more.

The cafe looks out onto the runway where you can watch flights take off and land only a matter of meters away. Whilst you sip on one of Melbourne’s finest Espresso’s. This is just one of the many ways in which you will be able to start your next getaway.

With the revamp expected to continue to take place over the next 9-12 months. Make sure you stop by for a spot to eat or grab a quick coffee to go. Or keep your eyes out for some other smaller retailers coming to Melbourne airport soon.

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