Perth Airport New Rail Link Project Well Underway

A huge milestone was reached earlier this month as the first of two tunnel-boring machines arrives at Redcliffe Station. This has been a key stage in Perth’s Forrestfield-Airport Link upgrade project, expected to be completed as soon as late 2021.

The tunnel is just well over halfway complete, as the tunnel boring machine reached 62 per cent of the way through the 7.4km tunnel component of the train line to Bayswater.

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan alongside, Transport Minister Rita Saffioti announced earlier last week that the huge piece of machinery had now reached the station construction site and progress on track for the project completion date within the next three years.

This was the first time that the huge piece of tunnelling equipment had surfaced since first departing Perth Airport Central Station box back in June 2018 last year. Almost 12 months on.

Mr McGowan stated that both machines had successfully completed tunnels right underneath Perth Airport’s runways.

Impressed by the technology, Mr McGowan stated: “The last time I saw this incredible machine it had just broken through the wall at Airport Central Station.”

The second tunnel boring machine is just 500 metres behind the first and making good progress. It is expected to break into Redcliffe later next month.

Rita Scaffioti said that once all works and tunnel maintenance are completed. The two machines will begin the last leg of the project. “They will tunnel to a depth of 22m under the Swan River before surfacing at the Bayswater dive structure.”

The new upgrade link project includes building a completely new rail service to all of Perth’s eastern suburbs, adding three new train stops at Redcliffe, Airport Central and Forrestfield. Making it even easier for both locals and tourists to get in and out of the city from Perth’s main Airport.

The Forrestfield-Airport Link project is jointly funded by the federal and state governments and is estimated to cost $1.86 billion.

The train line is expected to open towards the end of 2021.

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