Eyre Peninsula Currency Exchange & Travel Money Options

Life in the Eyre Peninsula can be amazing. You can have oysters straight from the ocean in Port Lincoln. You can swim with sea lions at Baird Bay or visit the pristine coastlines of Whyalla whenever you want. But if you decide to take a vacation or travel out of the country, you need to be ready. The best currency exchange rates are usually in competitive spaces within the heart of cities – so getting your currency exchange in Adelaide might be your best option. However, with our simple, convenient and secure service, we can get your travel money delivered directly to your doorstep!

Travellers remember their tickets and their luggage, but often forget to exchange currency until it’s too late. We want to help you get the best currency exchange the quickest and easiest way on the Eyre Peninsula. Why? Because you want you to get the most out of your trip. So an exchange that works in your favour increases the experiences you can have!

Exchanging Currency

Because of the distances between Towns like Whyalla to Port Lincoln, and Port Lincoln to Baird Bay, you may have to travel long distances to get your currency and then you’re likely to get shortchanged with substandard rates.

That’s why we’ve developed a new business model where you can purchase your foreign currencies online and then they’re delivered directly to your home within 5 business days. We offer the best rates in the market guaranteed so you can be sure you’ll be maximising your travel money.

Check our rates here or keep reading for some of the other options in the area.

Foreign Exchange Businesses

Currency Exchange shops are usually concentrated in population centres which means they can be few and far between on the Eyre Peninsula. Your best bet is Port Lincoln but even then you’ll be stuck with the banks who won’t give you very good rates. If you can fit it into your trip you should stop by Adelaide where you can visit one of the many options there including Travelex, WorldEx, and Travel Money Oz.


You can pop into one of your local bank branches to do currency exchange. Some of the main banks in Eyre include Rabobank, Commonwealth, and ANZ in Port Lincoln, Bendigo Bank in Tumby Bay and Cummings. There’s also Whyalla’s only bank, Westpac. Two locations of Bank SA can be found in the towns of Cleve, and Cowell. On the West Coast, there are ANZ Ceduna and Bank SA locations in Poochera and Wirrulla.

Exchanging currency in a bank gives you the advantage of the security, availability of funds, and other services that you might be using anyway. On the other hand, you can’t get travel money after bank hours. Unless you bank there, you can encounter high bank fees. There is also no guarantee that these banks will have the currency you’re looking for on hand so they might need to order it in.

Getting to Exchange

If you decide to exchange money at the bank, remember that you’ll need to get there first and that can throw up its own set of problems, especially when you’re already busy planning for an overseas trip. For example, if you are on the west coast at Fowler’s Bay, you can take an hour to get to the nearest bank, Bank SA or ANZ Ceduna. If you are more inland, you can take three hours to the nearest bank if you decide to head South to Port Lincoln, or west to Whyalla. If the WestPac in Whyalla is unavailable for any reason, you have a two-hour drive to Cleve or an almost three-hour drive to Port Lincoln.

Online Money Exchange

It’s in country areas like the Eyre Peninsula that online money exchange services like ours really come into their own. From Baird Bay to Port Kenny, Coacata, and as far away as Fowler’s Bay, the locals have been singing our praises as now they can get better rates than are found in the CBD of any of the capital cities, from the comfort of home.


The Eyre Peninsula has some logistics issues when it comes to getting foreign exchange, but it is still possible. You can use the banks, but the locations are limited and you will be subject to high bank rates. Travelex and other foreign exchange depots may have better rates, but you will have to travel far distances to get it. It’s just not worth the effort.

You can use your Australian credit or debit card when you travel. Not a good idea. If you do, you’re at the mercy of the exchange rate of the country you’re travelling to. The poor exchange rate and transaction fees will put a dent in your trip.

The best option we’ve found to get your foreign exchange quickly and easily is the online solution. With the best rates and delivery to your door, it’s hard to beat specialised service. Before you leave the Eyre Peninsula, log on, pay securely and have the desired currency you need.

Check our rates here and find out more.