Currency Exchange Online vs. In-store

In this article, looks at the pros and cons of picking up your travel money in-store vs. getting it online. is one of Australia’s most tried and trusted currency exchange companies. Our two-step process makes getting your hands on your travel money convenient, hassle-free and simplistic. With some of the best rates online, you will find it hard to search for a better service, coupled with fantastic currency conversion rates. Order your currency exchange online today and take full advantage of our unbeatable rates.

Save Time & Order Your Currency Online

An undeniable benefit of ordering your currency online with us today is that you will be able to save yourself heaps of time!

Let’s look at your journey into the CBD, whether you use public transport, walk-in or drive into the heart of any city or town center in Australia. Your journey time alone either waiting for a bus, looking for a car park or simply finding a route on google maps to walk in is going to be a time leech. Just think, by the time you have got to where you need to be, you could have already placed your order and had the task of getting your money converted completed.

Need to get cash out of the bank to transfer? Again, another awkward, unnecessary step in the whole process. Ordering your travel currency online takes this hassle right out. Either make a bank transfer or order through BPay and there is no need to get any cash out at all.

If you did decide to make the trip into your local shopping district or center, you now have the tedious mission to not only locate currency exchange stores, but you obviously want to get your hands on the best rate and find the store that has the lowest commission fees. Even if you did all this research prior to your trip into the city, again time is of the essence and you could have already saved all this hassle by using us for your travel money.

Jump The Queues In-store

Ok, so you’ve made it to the CBD, you’ve found the currency exchange provider you are going to use and you get to their shop. Next up, there is a queue. Again more wasted time that you could have avoided by ordering your currency online with us.

Lower Commission Fees Online

You can save a shed load of money on your currency exchange by ordering online. Here at, we have a handful of physical store locations to help keep overheads down. This means that we are able to offer one the best conversion rates on the market as we keep our commission fees to the bare minimum. You will find this across both larger and smaller currency exchange providers that solely rely on their physical stores. They hike up their commission fees to help cover the cost of their store locations. Unlike us who have found a healthy balance between physical store locations in key areas coupled with a strong online presence.

What Are The Benefits Of Ordering In-store?

The only real benefit of buying your currency from a physical store is that you get your cash immediately. A lot of currency exchange providers understand that travel goers and holidaymakers often leave it to the last minute to sort their currency out. This is where they have the audacity to charge higher commission fees and weaker conversion rates. This is why getting your travel money last minute from an airport, for example, is an absolute no-no. If you have left it to the last minute, although you will not get a better rate as you would do online. At least you will have cash in hand if you walk into a store and pick it up before you head off on your travel.

Order Online Today From

We deliver foreign currency Australia wide so no matter where you are we have you covered! Save time and money by using our easy to use online currency calculator. We can help you exchange currency in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and any other place in Australia. Ordering in high quantities or can’t locate a currency you need on our website? No dramas, we can find what you need – simply contact us and we can help you out today!