Currency Exchange Services In Fremantle

Fremantle is situated just 24 km south of Perth. At the mouth of the Swan River, Fremantle serves as a key port to Perth which is Western Australia’s state capital. First settled in 1829 and declared a city 100 years later, Fremantle has an estimated population of 29,000. has been servicing the population of Fremantle and the whole of Western Australia with its online currency exchange platform for over 10 years. With unbeatable rates and low commission fees, it’s no wonder why we have repeat customers from Fremantle ordering their travel money from us, year in, year out.

Where Can I Exchange Foreign Currency In Fremantle?

There are a total of four physical currency exchange providers in Fremantle. ChangeGroup which is located next door to Fremantle Visitor Centre. UAE Exchange which is on South Terrace, NAB Foreign Exchange on Queen Street and Travel Money Oz which is also towards the top end of Queen Street.

Many banks also located in Fremantle offer a currency exchange service. If you want to use one of these providers we would recommend popping into your local branch and finding out what currency exchange rates they offer prior to getting your money transferred into your chosen foreign currency.

Travel Money Delivered To Your Doorstep In Fremantle

Why waste time getting your currency converted into a physical store when you can do it all from the comfort of your own home? Our online currency platform allows you to sort out your travel money in a matter of minutes. Instead of spending hours on the onus task of tracking down a physical store with the best rate, use our hassle-free online order process. We offer some of the best currency exchange rates in Australia. Coupled with our easy to use two-step order process it is a real no-brainer to secure your currency now and get it delivered to your doorstep. The fact that we have few physical stores and a strong online presence means that we have lower overheads than our competitors. Meaning that you get the best rate possible!

As soon as your currency leaves our head office, it’s fully insured giving you both total security and peace of mind.

Even if you need currency exchanged in Fremantle, why not order online today and we can get your travel money to you in five business days.