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Best Rates for Currency Exchange in Wollongong

We know you’re on the hunt for the best foreign exchange rates in the Wollongong area and we hate to disappoint which is why you’ll be hard-pressed to find better rates than those offered in our live currency calculator above. Even being within 90 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, we’re certain we will be able to beat any currency exchange rate you can find in the heart of the city centre.

How can we be so confident? We’ve developed a unique business model which allows us to cut down on 90% off the costs of running a currency exchange store. What’s the secret? It’s simple, we got rid of the physical store and the high overheads that come with it, and developed an online purchasing model for the digital age.

Our process is safe, secure, convenient and produces the best rates in the market.

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Do you want to get the best money exchange in Wollongong? Just make an order. Sit back and relax as your travel currencies make their way to your doorstep. No more long lines, difficult parking or poor rates. Getting currency exchanged online and delivered to your address in Wollongong has never been simpler.

More about how Foreign Xchange works

Foreign Xchange employs the latest technological and operational standards to ensure your privacy and payment details are in safe hands. We only work with premium couriers companies and our deliveries are fully insured for your peace of mind.
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Who are we?

Foreignxchange.com.au is headquartered in Wollongong and serves customers around Australia.

Is it secure?

We take security very seriously and it’s incorporated into every stage of our process from the latest website

How do we compare?

Unlike our competitors, we’re more than happy for you to shop around and compare rates because we’re

Here’s how it works

1. Browse our live rates in our currency calculator at the top of this page
2. When you’re ready, order the currencies you want and pay online using our secure system
3. We’ll deliver your currencies in appropriate denominations to your home address in as little as five business days.

Whether you’re looking for some travel money for your upcoming holiday or cash to cover expenses on your next work trip, ForeignXchange is the place to come for safe, secure and convenient service as well as the best rates.

Is Our Online Ordering Process Safe?

Our process is safer than most of your online purchases. Our website uses the latest encryption and security technologies to ensure your payment and privacy are protected. We have a single secure facility with physical and operational security procedures in place. Deliveries are dispatched with only premium couriers with a proven track record. To top it all off, our business is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Once your package arrives at your residential or chosen address, our premium courier will ask you for a signature and proof of ID. This ensures that it is you that receives your foreign currency. For both us and yourself, this safeguards both parties from a misdelivery or lost parcel along the way. It’s these kinds of assurances that make our customers come back to us every time they need to purchase foreign currency.

Who are we?

Foreignxchange.com.au is backed by an amazing team including our founders Abhi and Amit, our operations and customer services staff. Before starting out online we ran a physical store for ten years so we know how the business model works and what could be done to improve it. Our 35,000 happy customers speak to the quality of our work, rates and attention to detail.

ForeignXchange vs Physical Money Changers

We ran a successful physical currency exchange store for ten years so we know how that business works. Money changes are typically concentrated in the CBD, as is the case with Wollongong, and that means high costs for store rents. To make up for this, they’re forced to offer substandard rates which can make a significant impact on your spending money levels on your trip.

Get Your Currency Exchanged in Wollongong

Still struggling to find the best rates in Wollongong or wondering whether you should head up to Sydney to get the best rates? Stop searching and order online today with ForeignXchange.com.au. We have some of the best rates and lowest commission fees in the currency exchange market. We have been delivering currency to Wollongong and Sydney for over five years now and are tried, tested and reused by our loyal customer base.

Trying to find the best currency exchange rates in Wollongong can be a nightmare in itself, with so many operatives to choose from. Don’t get stung with high commission fees at Syndey International Airport. Take the hassle out of your holiday planning and get your currency delivered directly to your doorstep by ordering online with us today.

ForeignXchange vs Banks

Banks suffer from the same problem as physical money changes in that they have high overheads. However, the problem is much worse as they’re used to having a lot of power and trust in the market which allowed them to charge whatever margins they wanted to their foreign exchange rates while still have a line of willing customers. They’re just starting to realise that many people have lost their faith in the big banks and are looking for better alternatives like the online currency operation that we’re offering.

Why Choose Foreignxchange.com.au

Not only do we offer some of the best exchange rates in the whole of Australia. Our process is hassle-free, safe, secure and can save you heaps of time! Great rates at your convenience.

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be charged any commission fees for exchanging currencies?2019-09-08T09:48:53+00:00

No. Foreign Xchange does not charge any commission fees for exchanging currencies. We only charge a flat $15 fee for delivery nationally to cover our secure courier and insurance fee to cover loss or damage.

2. What kind of details or ID do I need to provide to buy foreign currency?2019-09-08T09:54:36+00:00

We are required by AUSTRAC regulations to verify the ID of our customers. This will be done in-store at pick up or at the end of the online ordering process if you elect to have your currency delivered.

An Australian Drivers Licence or Passport is an ideal example of a complete valid ID.

A valid complete ID must possess the following:
1. Full Name
2. Photograph
3. Date of Birth
4. Address*
5. Signature
6. Issue and Expiry Date
7. ID Number
8. Government Issued

If you are unsure if your ID is valid or not, give us a call or drop us an email and we can help you out.

*If you’re using our delivery service, your delivery address must match the address on your ID.

3. Is there a limit to how much foreign currency I can buy or sell?2019-09-08T09:57:05+00:00

Yes, there is a limit of AUD $9999 that a customer can purchase online via our website.

There is also a limit of $5000 AUD worth of order per delivery to cover Insurance and safety of the logistics team. You will need to place 2 order if you are looking for more than AUD $5,000.

Unfortunately, we will have to charge you twice for delivery as the consignment will be sent into 2 consignments for safety and compliance reasons.

4. Can I request specific denominations during my purchase for foreign currency?2019-09-08T09:58:00+00:00

Yes, there is a field for this in the online ordering process checkout page. We try our best to match the denomination request as much as possible, but cannot guarantee 100% accurate denominations.

5. Are exchange rates likely to change during the ordering process?2019-09-08T10:00:52+00:00

No. Here at Foreign Xchange we update the exchange rates before and after business hours. Once you complete your order, your currency exchange rates are locked in at the rate you see at purchase.

6. When & how do I make payment?2019-08-27T05:43:24+00:00

Once you reach the Review & Confirm stage of the online ordering process, you will see our BPAY and Bank Account details which you can use to make payment.

For BPAY this means the Reference Number and Biller Code.
For Account Transfer (EFT) this means the Account Name, BSB & Account Number.
For POLI you will get the link to make the payment securely.

7. Do you accept any other mode of payment other than BPAY, POLI and Account Transfer (EFT)?2019-08-27T05:42:24+00:00

No. At this stage we are only accepting BPAY, POLI and EFT as they are the safest and most reliable form of receiving/sending funds.

In-store we accept cash only.

8. How long does it take to send BPAY or EFT or POLI to your bank account?2019-10-15T10:28:58+00:00

BPAY/EFT/POLI payments take upto 2 business days to clear and hit our bank account. This is included in the Estimated 3 business days delivery timeframe. This is an Estimated time only and not guaranteed because of various reasons out of our control including but not limited to logistics and operational delays.

9. Where & when can I pick up?2019-08-27T05:40:17+00:00

You can pick up from all the stores mentioned in the PICK UP tab on the checkout page. We have partnered with various currency providers in the country for your convenience.

Your order will be ready for pickup on the day selected during the order process. You can come at any time during business hours on the pickup day.

10. * How does delivery work?2019-10-15T10:43:00+00:00

During the online ordering process you’ll have the option to select whether you want to pick up your currency or have it delivered to your home address (available Australia Wide).

Once your order is complete, it will be delivered to your home address within 3 business days. This is an Estimated time only and not guaranteed because of various reasons out of our control including but not limited to logistics and operational delays. We use only premium couriers and your order is completely insured.

11. What happens if I am not available when the currency is delivered?2019-08-27T05:38:07+00:00

If the delivery is missed, the courier will leave a communication card to notify you. The order will be taken to the local post office for pickup. You will need to collect it by providing a copy of your ID for security and compliance purpose.

12. Can someone else accept the consignment on my behalf?2019-06-12T12:59:38+00:00

No. For security reasons the courier company will only deliver and hand over the currency to the person who has placed the order.

13. Is my consignment insured? What happens if it goes missing?2019-08-27T05:36:18+00:00

Yes. Your order is fully insured at all times for your peace of mind. We will replace it at our expense if for any reason the consignment goes missing.

14. Does my delivery address have to be the same as the address on my ID?2019-06-12T13:00:41+00:00

Yes. We can only deliver currency to the address mentioned on your authorised ID that has been recorded during the ID verification step, at the end of the ordering process.

15. Can the order details be changed?2019-08-27T02:58:00+00:00

Our online system does not accept changes once the order has been completed. However you can call our office number and request for a manual update: (08) 8221 6565. Monday to Friday: 10.00 A.M. – 6.00 P.M. ACST or feel free to email us at info@foreignxchange.com.au