How To Buy Currency Online

The best and easiest way to get your travel money nowadays is to place your order online and get your currency delivered directly to your doorstep. Currency shops and banks are getting ever more savvy with the way in which they do business. Most of which can save huge amounts of operating costs by having a digital presence rather than having a physical store. More and more people are starting to shop online over the last decade, which has been reflected in the travel currency market with a huge increase in online orders before people go off on holiday. However, there are still many people that are dubious about buying their foreign currency online.

Here at, we are striving to increase the trust that consumers have in the market by providing the best exchange rates in Australia. Our online platform is one of the markets easiest to use making the process of getting your travel money efficient, simplistic and hassle-free. The best part? We deliver Australia wide! So no matter your location, you can count on us to get your money delivered in a timely and effective fashion.

We offer currency exchange services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all other cities, towns and regional areas across Australia.

Where Can I Find The Best Rates?

More often than not you can get a better rate online instead of going in-store. As mentioned previously, here at we are able to save a huge amount of costs by having a limited amount of physical stores. That means being able to get a better exchange rate for you the customer.

Searching for the best rate in physical stores can be a headache in itself and keeping track of changing rates on a day to day basis can be a nightmare. At least with online currency exchange platforms like ours, you can find and track rates with ease.

How Long Does Postage Take?

We provide one of the quickest currency exchange delivery services in Australia. Not only is our delivery service both safe and secure, but we are able to delivery to any residential address in Australia in 5 business days from when you first place your order. If you would prefer a nominated delivery date, simply let us know and we can organise this for you. We can deliver currency to all major cities, states and regional areas right across Australia.

What Currencies Can I Buy?

Our six most popular currencies available are listed below. We are very efficient at sourcing other more obscure or lesser-known currencies. If you need to buy currencies that you can’t find listed, give us a call on (08) 8221 6565 and we will be happy to help you out.

AUD to EUR – Euros

AUD to GBP – British Pound

AUD to IDR – Indonesian Rupiah

AUD to JPY – Japanese Yen

AUD to NZD – New Zealand Dollars

AUD to USD – US Dollars

Is My Money Insured If It Gets Lost In The Post?

All currencies ordered are fully insured right from the point at which your order is placed. Once dispatched, your order will be delivered securely by our selected courier service and won’t be released without proof of ID and signature from the person who placed the order. This ensures that you get your travel currency without any delays, problems or complications. If you miss your delivery or are out of the house a clear communication card will be left and our courier will attempt to deliver the next business day.

Order Currency Online Today!

Our process is safe, simple and secure. Order your currency online today to save both time and money. Once your order is placed, we’ll have it out to you in 5 business days. Don’t waste time wandering around currency exchange shops searching for the best rate. Get it online today!