How To Find The Best AUD to IDR Exchange Rate

Are you heading off to Bali or somewhere else in Indonesia and need some travel money fast?

Searching for the best currency exchange provider can be a nightmare and you could end up either getting a really weak conversion rate or worse off, end up paying extortionate commission fees. If you still have plenty of time before you go away on holiday, order from us today. Here at, we have the best rates nationally when it comes to converting your hard earned Aussie Dollars into Indonesian Rupiah.

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Are you departing on holiday to Bali in the next week or two? You can order your travel money today and we will make sure that it gets to you in five business days. At we have been sending Indonesian Rupiah all across the country to holidaymakers heading over to Indonesia ahead of their next big trip. We can deliver to any residential address in Australia making it even easier for you to convert AUD to IDR. All we need from you is a signature and proof of identification once your currency arrives at your chosen residential address.

For complete peace of mind, as soon as your currency is picked up by our courier at our head office, it is fully insured. So for whatever reason, your currency gets lost in transit, you can be safe knowing that you are completely covered, no matter what happens. Don’t leave it to late and end up getting a weak rate at the airport. Get more for your money with us with free postage and low commission fees. Don’t delay and order your Rupiah today!

Where Can You Find The Best AUD to IDR Exchange Rates?

Experience is what sets us aside from many of our competitors. Working relentlessly with customers and carrying out in-depth market research, our online order process focuses on putting our customers first. Through thorough testing and reworking, our two-step currency conversion process makes getting your hands on your travel money painless and hassle-free then ever before. Changing AUD to IDR online has been made simple. Find out how many Indonesian Rupiahs you will get for your Australian Dollars and use our currency exchange calculator today.

How To Get Your Indonesian Rupiah With These Two Easy Steps

Ordering your travel money and hunting down the best conversion rate has never been easier.
Our two-step ordering process makes it simple and you could have your Indonesian Rupiah sorted and on its way to you within a matter of five days.

Step 1:

Order and pay for your IDR online using our currency calculator. Complete your order through payment with BPay or a simple Bank Account Transfer

Step 2:

We will deliver your Indonesian Rupiah in five business days from when you placed your order online. All you need to do is sign for your order and show your ID to our courier.

Order today, sit back and wait for your travel money to arrive in the mail. And that’s it. It really is that easy!

Place your order for your Indonesian Rupiah online today. Avoid the headaches and stress of having to shop around physical stores, queuing in lines and the nightmare of keeping track of varying rates. We are certain that our excellent currency conversion rates and first-class customer service will win you over.