How To Find The Best AUD to USD Exchange Rate

Is your next trip over to the United States of America right around the corner? Are you still searching for the best exchange rate to turn your Aussie Dollars into US Dollars? Then look no further! We have some of the best currency exchange rates in Australia! Whether you are heading over to the USA on a family or business trip, we’ve got you covered for all your travel money needs. Our simple and convenient online platform takes the stress out of getting your hands on the best conversion rate.

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Heading over in the next week or so? Place your order today using our online currency calculator and we can dispatch your travel money so that it arrives at your doorstep in five business days. We’re able to deliver US Dollars directly to any residential address across the whole of Australia. All you need to do is show us proof of identification and sign for your order once it arrives at your door. Still, need peace of mind? All of our orders are fully insured so that if your order gets lost in the post, everyone is covered! Don’t leave it too late to get your USD sorted or you could end up getting a really bad rate. Don’t let one transaction ruin the start of your trip by getting stuck with both weak conversion rates and high commission fees from a competitor.

Where Can You Find The Best AUD to USD Exchange Rates?

Having operated in this market for over ten years now, knows what works best for our customers. Our simple and easy to use two-step currency conversion platform is tried and tested. Converting AUD to USD online has never been easier. Reliable and painless, our online currency calculator outperforms many of our competitors and has consistently delivered for our customers, many of which come back year after year. To find out how many US Dollars you will get for your Australian Dollars, use our currency exchange calculator today!

How To Get Your US Dollars With These Two Easy Steps

Getting your United States Dollars sorted and finding the best conversion rate has never been easier. Our two-step ordering process makes it pain-free and you could have your travel money sorted and on its way to you within a matter of several days.

Step 1:

Order and pay for your US Dollars online using our currency calculator. Complete your order through payment with BPay or a simple Bank Account Transfer

Step 2:

We will deliver your USD in five business days from when you played your order online. All you need to do is show your ID to our courier and sign for your money.

Order today, sit back and wait for your travel currency to come in the post. And that’s it. It’s seriously that simple!

Place your order for your United States Dollars online today. Take the hassle and stress of having to shop around physical stores, queuing in lines and the nightmare of keeping track of varying rates. We can be sure that our rates and first-class customer service will win you over. We challenge you to find a better, easier to use online currency exchange service.