Where to Find the Best Money Exchange in Box Hill

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The charges incurred during money exchange become costly sometimes. However, this depends on other factors like payment method where you trade, and your plans. At Foreign Xchange, we’ll handle and transfer your money with the best exchange rates. While we don’t have a physical store in the area, we believe we’re the best money exchange in Box Hill. We’ll facilitate the transactions comfortably and conveniently online. If you are looking for a quick currency exchange, look no further.

The Available Money Exchange Box Hill Options

1. Banks

Banks and other financial institutions are a reliable method of getting currency and there are several local branches in the area. The downside to using banks is that they offer very poor exchange rates so you’ll find yourself losing quite a lot on the exchange.

2. Cards

Credit and debit cards are an alternative to doing currency exchange at all. We’re so used to using them in Australia that it could be tempting to just make that your primary financing option when traveling but that would be a mistake if you want to maximise your travel money. As we know, banks are involved in these cards as well and they make a nice margin by offering bad exchange rates on the cards.

Other Physical Stores In the Area

Among the local money exchange Box Hill stores and agencies rated among the top include:

a. WeXchange

Pros: The company located in Melbourne and Sydney provides very reasonable charges. Up to 40 currencies can get exchanged without handling costs. There are no commission or added fees and they have long existed in the industry. Also, customers enjoy in-store and online support.

Cons: Rates aren’t as good as ours, and they offer pickup only.


b. Maxlink PTY Ltd.

Pros: Well rated on Google.

Cons: No website to check rates before making the trip to the store and also no online ordering so you won’t know if they have your desired currencies in stock.


c. Superforex Melbourne

Pros: Good rating on Google, comprehensive website, mostly caters to the Chinese market.

Cons: Cannot match our online rates, you’ll have to visit the store to pick up your currency – delivery options available.

Our Easy, Simple & Secure Online Solution


However, with the limited time, our online currency exchange service solution is convenient. We boast of the convenience of delivery via your home address within five business days. Our USPs include;

a. Best rates in the market

At Foreign Xchange, we offer the best rates in the market guaranteed. We’re happy to serve residents in Box Hill as it means they’ll get the best rates available in Australia from the comfort of their own home and can expect delivery in 5 business days or less. We have no commissions or fees so what you see is what you get.

b. We provide convenience 

Our business is technologically savvy and enables all buyers to transact online. Upon completion and approval, the currencies get delivered to your home address. When planning a trip your to-do list can be long and time short. We’ve found that our customers appreciate the ability to order their currencies online get delivery to avoid driving into the city, finding parking and waiting in lines.

c. Excellent customer service and security

We understand that the money exchange is an important part of planning for an overseas trip which could be the holiday of a lifetime, a much-needed break or a new adventure. Therefore, we have expert staff to support you online. We’ve been in this business a long time and can help you out with any currency questions you have for your destinations.

So if you are thinking of money exchange options in Box Hill, or even looking into going into Melbourne to get your currency exchanged. consider the options detailed above but don’t make a decision until you see our rates. We’re very proud to offer the best rates in the market with the best rate guarantee.

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