Where To Find The Best Money Exchange In Cheltenham & Southland

Cheltenham is 18 kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre which is a business hub. It is a suburb that is home to thousands of people working in the central business district. The median age of Cheltenham’s population is 40 years, which means that most of its residents are active participants in the economic progress of the region.

The suburb’s hard-working residents are entitled to go on a vacation every now and then. This means that thousands of people will require a money or currency exchange to convert their money before they embark on their journey.

Online Currency Exchange

Going to a currency exchange shop in Melbourne’s CBD requires you to get on a bus, train, or in a taxi, and carry physical money to the shop. Our Solution totally eliminates the need for such time, money, and energy by offering you an online currency exchange service. We provide you with the opportunity to buy any major currency from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is wait five days for the money to be delivered to you (by secure courier).

Our Solution is your solution to a currency or money exchange matter. We offer the best rates in the market (guaranteed!) and do not require you to come to our shop. Instead, we serve you on your doorstep. Our Solution promises to offer you excellent customer service, and keep your information confidential. When working with us, you need not to worry about the security of your personal details, or of your money.

Physical Money Changers

There are multiple options available in Cheltenham for money exchange services. Some of them include Travel Money-Oz Southland (rating: 2.6 stars), Melbourne Currency-Exchange (rating: 5 stars), and Commonwealth Bank (rating: 3.3 stars). These are all conveniently located in the Westfield Southland Shopping Centre.

Melbourne Currency Exchange offers great rates, as well as discounted rates for seniors and students. Travel Money Oz offers excellent services, including prepaid travel cards, travel insurance, and international money transfer which is useful for quite many people.

Westfield Southland Shopping Centre is located in the northern part of the suburb. It started off as a small shopping centre with just a few shops, but now it has expanded quite a lot and hosts 416 stores, including a multitude of currency exchange shops. Going to the Westfield Southland Shopping Centre for various needs, including foreign exchange, is easy for the nearby community. However, it is not a simple option for people in other parts of Cheltenham.

Some other options in Cheltenham include Travelex and Crown Currency Exchange (rating: 4.2 stars). Travelex is a great money exchange shop. It is open till late, and even lets you place an order online, which is totally awesome. But, you have to go to the shop to pick up your order. This includes the hassle of riding a car, bus, or another vehicle to the shop, and then carrying physical money out of the shop.

Crown Currency Exchange is another locally owned money exchange in Cheltenham. As compared to most currency exchange shops, Crown offers up to 80 different types of international currencies. This is 20 more types than most other money exchange shops.

Melbourne Currency Exchange and Travel Money-Oz are among some of the most popular and easily accessible money exchange services in Cheltenham. But, there are plenty of other options for money exchange around Cheltenham.

Some of these include:

1. Travel Money-Oz Chadstone (rating: 4.8 stars)
Travel Money Oz Chadstone is a bus ride of about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Dollars Exchange & Finance Pty Ltd (rating: 3 stars)
This money exchange shop is a bus ride of over an hour.

3. United Currency-Exchange Melbourne (rating: 4.2 stars)
United Currency Exchange Melbourne is a bus ride of over an hour.

The distances to the above-mentioned shops are all from Cheltenham town centre. These options are good for people who reside on the outskirts of Cheltenham, or who are at quite a distance from the Westfield Southland Shopping Centre. Instead of getting stuck in the hustle bustle of a city centre, people can go to currency exchange out of town and get their business done.

For people with cars, going to a currency exchange shop in or out of Cheltenham is no big deal. But for others, it can be quite a struggle. Especially for single working mothers and retired members of the community who do not own a car. Travelling on a bus is simple in some cases, while in others, it can be pretty difficult. Standing and waiting at a bus stop in extreme weather is no piece of cake.

To deal with just such situations, we have come up with our unique service, whereby customers can exchange their money online – easily and efficiently. It eliminates the hassle of travelling to a shop, through traffic, dust, and sometimes uncomfortable weather. Moreover, it completely removes the risk of losing your money. Our Solution takes great pride in delivering your money right at your doorstep.

Students are extremely busy with their academics and extracurricular activities all year. When the summertime comes, they deserve to have a vacation. Working mothers and fathers really get exhausted paying bills, and attending their children’s school events. All these people can greatly benefit from Our Solution because it spares them one more task on their to-do lists. We are also the best choice for retired members, who need to save up all their energy for their exciting holiday abroad.

Customers find Our Solution a great tool for dealing with their money exchange matters in Cheltenham and Southland. People from various areas truly appreciate us and our services. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers as they now have a convenient and cost-effective source for their travel money.

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