Our Currency Exchange Delivery Service Explained

How Does The Delivery Service Work?

Our currency home delivery service is innovating the currency exchange market. In a nutshell it helps us keep our overheads low which gives you a better conversion rate. Being able to order your currency from the comfort of your own home is a pivotal offering when it comes to our core service. You can be safe in the knowledge knowing, from the moment you place your order, you don’t have to worry about picking it up. All you need to do is order your chosen currency online and we’ll take care of making sure it arrives at your address safely.

How Much Can I order?

Our home delivery service is available for all currency exchange orders up to the value of $10,000 AUD. No matter what denominations of currency you select or need we can deliver it to any residential address in Australia. The fantastic thing about our delivery service as well is that it is completely free! You won’t get stung by any larger commission fees or postage costs just because you live in rural Australia. We are able to post any currency, anywhere.

How Do I know I Will Get My Currency Securly?

Delivery is Safe, secure and fully insured. It is available to any residential address in Australia and will arrive in 5 business days from when you place your order or on your nominated delivery date. To ensure it is you that receives your currency, we require all of our couriers to make a quick check on your photo identification upon delivery. They will also ask you for a quick signature so that we know you got your travel money on time, without any hiccups.

How Long Does The Currency Delivery Take?

For all of our currency orders, we allow a minimum of five business days from the moment that you place your order. This gives us enough time to make sure we can count out your currency accurately and send out as soon as possible. If you are not at home when our courier attempts to deliver your travel money, a contact card will be left in your mail and we will try to deliver your currency again the next business day.

Where In Australia Can I Get Foreign Currency Delivered?

The beauty of our online currency exchange platform is that absolutely anyone in Australia can get their foreign currency delivered directly to their doorstep. We’re able to deliver travel money to residential addresses in the heart of Sydney’s CBD right up to remote areas along the West Coast and anywhere in the top end. Some of our most popular destinations are listed below, but no matter where you are in Australia, we have you covered for all your travel money needs.

Can Someone Else Receive My Order On My Behalf?

Unfortunately, at this moment we can only deliver the currency to the person who placed the order. The proof of identification that is requested upon delivery enables us to match up and make sure that your currency is delivered to the right person as we wouldn’t it to fall into the wrong hands. Upon the ID check, and provided the name on the order matches that of your identification the foreign currency will be released to the correct party.

Order Your Foreign Currency Online Today!

Have you been let down foreign currency providers in the past? Or found their commission fees to be too high or exchange rates to be too weak? We can guarantee with our platform when it comes to the best exchange coupled with excellent customer service you won’t find a better provider than us. Complete your currency exchange online with us today and we’ll have your travel money at your door in five business days.