The Value Of 100 AUD In Vietnam

What Can I Buy With 100 AUD In Vietnam?

When travelling to a foreign country, it can be difficult to estimate how much money you will need. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on travelling for pleasure or work-related reasons, currency is definitely something you will need to get on top of sooner rather than later!A person holding a Vietnamese Dong

Currently, 100 Australian Dollars is worth around 1,747,170 Vietnamese Dong. The Vietnamese Dollar has recently had a very modest 1.0% increase in its interbank and exchange rate, but it remains quite a good deal for currency conversions. Prior to this slight increase, the Vietnamese Dong was devalued five times in an effort to ensure currency stability and to aid in spurring export attempts. (Do keep in mind that the currency rate is always changing, and it’s always best to check the current exchange rate.)

Some of the things you could purchase for 100 AUD in Vietnam include a meal at a very good restaurant. Prices for food in Vietnam vary greatly, and you should be able to get a decent street meal for only about AUD 6.

A picture of the outside of a market stall

You can also grab a bottle of water. Bottled water is inexpensive in Vietnam, and you can usually buy a large bottle for less than AUD 1. A cup of coffee is another option. A cup of coffee in Vietnam also typically costs between $1 and 2 AUD.

T-shirts are a popular souvenir to purchase when travelling, and you can find them for sale all over Vietnam. Prices start at around $7-8 AUD but can be much higher depending on the quality of the shirt and whether you are buying in well-known tourist areas or not. Shoes are also a popular purchase, and prices vary depending on the type of shoe. They are also quite cheap – but get much more expensive if you are looking for specific brands. For example, a pair of Nike shoes in Vietnam would cost around $120.

Tourist services in Vietnam

When you exchange your currency, you should also account for tourist services that you will be partaking in. If you’re planning on getting a haircut, this will generally cost anywhere from AUD 1 to $4. As a tourist, hair stylists and barbers may try to up the price for you, but this can be avoided through negotiation. Massages are also common services in Vietnam, and you can usually get a full-body massage for around $15-23 AUD.An overhead picture of a busy market street in Vietnam

Also, if you want to explore all that Vietnam has to offer, a day of sightseeing can be a great way to do it. Prices vary depending on the location, but hiring a tour guide usually costs around $30-35 AUD. If you want a guide that can speak English very well, then this may instead cost $40-50 AUD.

As you can see, there are many things you can buy or services you can enjoy in Vietnam for just a few Australian Dollars. So, if you’re looking for a great travel destination that won’t break the bank, Vietnam is definitely worth considering.

When travelling to Vietnam, you may be surprised at the wide range of items available for purchase in local supermarkets. For just AUD 50, you can buy a basket containing everything from fresh produce and meat to household goods and cosmetics. In comparison, Australian supermarkets typically charge more for items such as food and groceries. For the same amount of money, you would only be able to purchase a few basics from an Australian store. This makes shopping at a Vietnamese supermarket a cost-effective option for travellers.

Major attractions in Vietnam

There are many great attractions located all throughout Vietnam. If you’re looking for things to do in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, sightseeing is a great option. Both cities have a wealth of historical and cultural attractions to explore. Most of the major attractions charge an entrance fee, which is usually payable in Vietnamese Dong (VND). Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular sights and their corresponding fees.

Ho Chi Minh City has quite a few attractions. Its Reunification Palace entrance fee costs around VND 20,000 (just over 1 Australian Dollar). The War Remnants Museum also costs only a few Australian Dollars, and this is the same case for attractions in Hanoi City, the capital of Vietnam. Some of Hanoi’s attractions include the Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo Prison, One Pillar Pagoda, and Thang Long Imperial Citadel. These are just a few of the many attractions on offer in both cities. Be sure to do your research before visiting so you can make the most of your time in Vietnam.

A guided tour of Ha Long Bay or the Mekong Delta is another great way to see some of Vietnam’s most beautiful sights. Both tours include similar entrance fees and can be booked through a travel agency or online. Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its dramatic limestone cliffs and emerald waters. The Mekong Delta is known for its floating markets and intricate network of waterways.

Make sure to add all these costs up before exchanging your currency – and then, head over to Vietnam to enjoy its rich culture and all it has to offer!