Things That 100 AUD Could Afford In Europe

What Can I Buy With 100 AUD In Europe?

If you’re planning on visiting Europe, you’ll want to get your currency all sorted before heading off! Europe’s currency is Euros, and 100 Australian Dollars are currently worth approximately 67 Euros. However, be sure to always check the rate before heading off on your travels, as exchange rates are notoriously unpredictable and can rise or fall quickly. A currency converter is always available online and can help you quickly check these rates; you can also set rate alerts that will notify you of any considerable differences. To get a better grasp of the AUD to EUR rate, let’s have a look at some items that you could buy with 100 AUD.

Visiting Europe

To eat out in Europe, you should expect to spend 13 – 22 AUD for a fast food meal. If you’re looking for a restaurant meal, this will cost around 22 – 38 AUD per meal. Getting a meal from a nicer establishment will generally start from 45+ AUD per meal. You should expect to pay around 50 AUD for food per day if you plan on eating out regularly. With some budgeting and with cooking your own meals, it may be possible to get the cost down to 30 AUD per day. Western to Central Europe tends to be on the cheaper side, as Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and France tend to be similarly priced. Do keep in mind that Switzerland, however, does tend to be more expensive. For 100 AUD, in terms of food, you could expect to pay for 6 meals at a fast-food establishment, nearly 3 meals in a restaurant, or two meals at a fancier restaurant.

Europe Travel

If you’re staying somewhere in Scandinavia, be prepared to pay around 45 – 50 AUD per night. For 100 AUD, you could afford on average 2 nights of stay in basic accommodation in Europe.

As for accommodation, most European countries will charge around 37 – 50 AUD per night in a dorm room. Countries such as Greece and Spain will tend to be a bit cheaper, charging 15 – 30 AUD per night.

As you can see, some European countries can be more expensive than Australia, which is why you should definitely budget and plan out your travels before heading off. Don’t worry, though, once you’re done planning, you get to enjoy a fabulous trip there!

Tourist attractions to visit for under 100 AUD when in Europe

There are many exciting landmarks and activities to do in Europe! The Eiffel Tower, located in the capital of France, Paris, is one of Europe’s most famous tourist attractions. For a ticket with an access lift to the second floor, you should expect to pay about 25 AUD. If you would rather have the ticket with access to the stairs to the second floor, then you can pay 15 AUD instead. A ticket with an access lift to the top will cost 38 AUD, whereas a ticket with access stairs to the second floor and a lift to the top will cost 29 AUD. Do keep in mind that children under 4 can access all areas of the Eiffel Tower for free.People looking at the roman gladiatorial coliseum in Rome, Italy

If you plan on visiting Rome, you could visit the Colosseum. Entry prices cost 24 AUD per adult (25 years+), or 3 AUD per adolescent (18-25 years). For people under 18 years, admission is free. For a person with disabilities (including one person that is accompanying), the admission is also free. On top of the entrance to the Colosseum, this entrance fee covers entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

If you would like to take your trip to the Colosseum to the next level, you can book a guided tour. A Colosseum guided tour will cost AUD 82 per person. A fast arena floor tour will cost 68 AUD per person. And, if you would like to take a Colosseum and underground tour, it will set you back 102 AUD per person. There are many other tour options available that you can always check through a quick Google search.

When in Italy, you can also consider visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a unique tower that remains leaning and refuses to topple. The reason why it never falls is that its centre of gravity is kept within its base. Seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa is free; however, you will need to purchase a ticket in order to climb it. This will cost 27 AUD per time slot ticket, which you will need to purchase ahead online.

We’ve only briefly skimmed the surface of what you can do in Europe, so be sure to check out what else is available, and work it into your trip! Bon voyage!