Top 6 Reasons To Get Your Foreign Currency Before You Go Overseas

1. Support Australia’s Economy

The number one reason why you should get your foreign currency before you travel overseas is to support Australian businesses. Every time you exchange your Australian Dollars for foreign currency you are supporting Australia’s economy. If you decide to get your currency from a provider overseas you are depriving Australian businesses. Even you end up deciding to get your currency exchanged from someone other than us, make sure it is from a reputable currency exchange provider here in Australia as opposed to an operator overseas.

2. Higher Commission Fees

Dependent on where you are travelling to and where you get your currency exchanged you could be susceptible to getting stung by higher commission fees. Here at, we are completely transparent when it comes to all of our commission fees. Thankfully there are also several Australian operators that although they may charge a little bit more commission than we do, at least they are clear about it. Overseas currency exchange providers could see you as an easy target to charge higher commission fees due to lack of knowledge or a potential misunderstanding when it comes to communication. It’s therefore really important to fully understand what you are paying for which is why you should probably get your travel money sorted in Australia prior to your departure.

3. Weaker Exchange Rates

Again, stepping into the unknown you are unlikely to know what overseas exchange rates are available until you get there. In this sense, it isn’t worth the risk and will give you better peace of mind if you get your money exchanged before your next holiday or business trip. Being able to compare exchange rates online before your departure allows you to track down the best exchange rate from the comfort of your own home. Waiting until you go overseas, you may have access to one maybe two providers, dependent on where you are staying and are highly unlikely to get anything better than what you could have got prior to leaving the country.

4. Avoid Credit/Debit Card Fees

If cash isn’t your thing, it’s worth noting that using your debit or credit card overseas can sometimes prove to be a costly error. Cash is considered very vanilla when you go on holiday. You know exactly what you are getting and for how much. When you use your card to either pay for a transaction or to withdraw cash from an ATM overseas, you have very little insight into how much commission you have to pay or if there are any withdrawal fees for every transaction. This is why cash can save you heaps of money if you’re frequently withdrawing or using a card overseas. If cash still isn’t your thing, be sure to contact your local bank branch and ask them for full transparency when it comes to using your card overseas.

5. Lack of ATMs

Dependent on your final destination you may struggle to find an ATM, especially in more remote or rural areas. Having your travel money already in hand before you get on the plane to leave can be a huge benefit. Don’t run the risk of not being able to access ATMs easily. Get your foreign cash from us before you leave and avoid having to waste timing searching for your nearest cash machine.

6. Language Barriers

Finally, if you are still adamant about getting your cash overseas make sure you are fully fluent or at least clued up on even the basics of phrases in the local language. The worst thing that could happen would be to let miscommunication ruin the start of your holiday and you end up getting more or less than you bargained for. At least with getting your currency exchanged here in Australia, you know the ins and outs of the transaction and everything is easily understandable and in plain English.

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