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Japan is in the Pacific Ocean and located off the eastern coast of Asia. Its famous destinations include Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Many people also visit Nara, Hakone, and Shinjuku during their trip to Japan. The city has a rich history and is filled with shrines, temples, museums and garden parks.

Before you visit Japan, do some research and decide what time of year you want to take your trip. There are certain times during the year that offer visitors a unique experience. For instance, some people choose to visit Japan in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Here are some tips on traveling to Japan regardless of the amount of money you want to spend:


  • Food & drinks The food and drinks are delicious and can be found in local cafes, restaurants or on the street. A plate of fish or suckling pig with rice and vegetables from a street cart will cost a little more than $1 AUD.
  • Accommodation Instead of paying for an expensive hotel you can stay in a private villa for less than $15 AUD per night and be surrounded by the tropical landscape and cliff-side views. Travelers can also stay in a single room or a host family.
  • Getting around Bali is not difficult, and the easiest way to get around is by motorbike. If you choose to rent a scooter to get around it will cost between $5-$6 AUD per day, and the price is negotiable if you need it for the week.
  • Alcohol Beer costs about $2 to $4 AUD depending on the brand you buy. Cocktails are not cheap, so you may want to find two for one deal.
  • Going out Since you are on a budget, you may want to go to venues that are low cost. Spend time on the beaches, watch sunsets or going hiking are all free and allow you to really see what the country has to offer.
  • Tourism Couples can take a tour with a guide and go on sunrise treks for about $50-$75 AUD or take surfing lessons for $19 AUD each.
    The cost per day on an average budget for a couple is $96-$106 AUD. This estimate depends on your daily activity and if you stay within your budget.


  • Food & drinks Going out to dinner at a restaurant will cost about $27 AUD for two people. While drinking at a bar will vary depending on what you like to drink. A local meal cost about $3 AUD per plate.
  • Accommodation A mid-range hotel can cost less than $100 per night. They typically have an air conditioner, hot water shower, and a small fridge. These hotels also have a pool and provide you with a complimentary breakfast.
  • Getting around With a little more money to spend, drivers are available at $24 to $61 AUD per day and car rentals for $12 AUD each day. Tourist buses are another option and cost about $0.50 AUD.
  • Alcohol A bottle of imported wine can cost more than $30 AUD. Liquor can cost between $40– $100 AUD for a bottle. Beer is much more affordable, a glass of Bintang the most common bear in Bali can cost around $3 AUD per person.
  • Going out there are nightclubs, beach clubs, cabaret shows and rooftop bars all around Bali. Going to a theatre show, music venues and gay bars for you to spend time in too.
    When nighttime falls, couples can go see a fire dance for $48 AUD each or go bar hopping in a Kombi bus for $90 AUD per person.
  • Tourism Participating in actives such as scuba diving will cost between $138-$166 AUD per day per couple and includes lunch, transportation, and equipment. If you are into massages, drop by a spa and receive relief from your ailments for between $55-$70 AUD with a cup of tea.
    The cost per day on a mid-range budget is $222 this does not include extra activities such as getting massages or participating in tourist activities every day.


  • Food & drinks Eating an expensive restaurant can cost up to $125 AUD per person, and a bottle of wine will run you $76 AUD.
  • Accommodation An all-inclusive luxury hotel for a couple will cost $415-$830 AUD per person. These resorts have a selection of restaurants, bars and are surrounded by pools and private beaches. The rooms include private bathrooms, minibars, a plasma TV and Wi-Fi. You also get free bottled water during your stay.
  • Getting around If money is not a problem during your trip, using private cars and taxis is an appropriate option. Just call your ride when anytime during the day. The cost for each ride depends on your destination and can range between $6-$33 AUD.
  • Alcohol Wine is expensive in Bali and the best ones are imported. The cost for wine is about $15-$25 AUD depending on the bottle you choose. Purchasing a bottle in a restaurant can cost up to $100 AUD or more. Liquor is costly and ranges from $25 to $185 per bottle.
  • Going out Besides going to a nightclub or bar, couples can go sailing along the coast of Bali for close to $175 AUD each. You can visit and exclusive spa and get pampered for 120 minutes at about $300 AUD per person.
  • Tourism There are sightseeing trips that include full-day tours for about $55 AUD per person and monkey tours for 160 for each couple. Bike tours begin at $58 AUD each and it costs $62 AUD for a volcano trip per person.
    The cost of splurging in Bali will cost over $500 AUD per day if you go on excursions and eat at the best restaurants in town.

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