UK Travel Budget Guide for Families

Planning an unforgettable vacation to the United Kingdom for a family of four can be a daunting task but the result will be fun, exciting and ultimately unforgettable experience. There are so many sites to explore and good food to indulge in. One of the main factors to be mindful of is the daily cost of your vacation and the type of activities that you and your family can enjoy regardless of the type of budget you have decided on.

Travelling on a Budget

The average daily cost will be about £180 (£45 pp).
There is an abundance of activities available for your family if you require a strict budget while on vacation in the UK. Exploring this beautiful country is usually one of the first things that families want to experience and you will find that transportation costs are quite reasonable.

The cost of food is one of the main priorities for vacationers and you’re going to want to make sure that your family can eat the best food without breaking the bank. The average cost of food per day is around £11 and the total cost for a family of four would then be £44. Having extra money on hand in case of dining out is always a plus as the United Kingdom has some incredible restaurants for you to check out. If you decide to stay in YHAs or AirBnB you could also self-cater a lot of meals which would bring the costs down.

The United Kingdom is well known for its hotels and has some great accommodations even for a family of four. Hotels seem to be the first and best choice for vacationing families as mostly everything is taken care of for your ease and comfort. You can locate a great hotel for your family for around £115, making this a great option for your budget. Alternatively, you can go for YHA hostels that are dotted throughout the country and get accommodation for around £85 for 4 people. If you get in early, there are also good deals to be found on Airbnb starting around £100 per night. Going out on the town is also affordable for a family on a budget as you can find some great attractions for around £9.

Mid-range Budget for Your Family

Average daily cost: £400
If you’re a family who has some extra wiggle room with your budget, whilst getting the best currency exchange from us! Then the United Kingdom is the place for you. Hotel accommodation for your family of four is fairly reasonable at about £230. This price is great for those who are looking for a hotel with maybe more amenities and access to more sites around town. Travelling throughout the city to visit the various sights will cost you about £38 per person. Getting from place to place across the country will cost around £116 per person making your family’s daily travel costs super affordable.

Food costs are always a priority and you’re going to want to be mindful of the costs of dining while you’re travelling. £28 per person will allow your family to try some of the best food the United Kingdom has to offer without worrying about your budget. In addition to the great food, you’ll be able to easily afford a night out at some of the great sites in the city. About £23 per person is all you’ll need for a night at the cinema or one of the local shows.

Luxury Vacation to the United Kingdom

Average daily cost: £1200
The United Kingdom is well known for luxury and decadence, and your family is in for a treat if there really isn’t a budget for your vacation. If you manage to get your hands on our best rates for GBP to AUD currency exchange. High-end accommodations are plenty and you’re family will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. The standard price for a high-end hotel in the United Kingdom is approximately £304 for a couple. The total cost for a family of four will be over £600. The cost will ensure some of the best amenities you can find and will be sure to impress.

The quality of food in the United Kingdom really isn’t an issue when money isn’t a factor for your vacation. Each person in your family can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner for an average of £70 per day per person. You’ll have the option of enjoying an all-inclusive breakfast at your hotel or you can hit the town for some great local fare. Clean drinking water will also be a requirement and you can expect to spend £11 to accommodate your family.

Your family is definitely going to want to see the sites and you can expect to travel for £309 daily per person. This reasonable cost covers trains, taxis and buses which are known to be tidy and reliable. Travel between the cities while you are on vacation is highly recommended, and that can cost an average of £95. Alcoholic beverages are typically available to you at a cost of £22 per day and there is also the option of purchasing a beverage to enjoy at your hotel.

There is so much to do in the United Kingdom and your family is going to love exploring this fascinating country and more information can be found at the links below. Planning a day trip to one of the many castles is highly recommended so be sure to bring your cameras. Buckingham Palace is one location that has brought in thousands of tourists per year thanks to its fine architecture. Westminster Abbey is great to visit as it is well known for its vast history, and for its beautiful paintings and stained glass.

Take your beloved children to see Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studios for an exciting day trip to London. You can sign up for a fully guided tour that your family will be sure to love. Be sure to take a look at for more information on some of the amazing attractions found in the United Kingdom. Your family vacation is guaranteed to be memorable for years to come so be sure to take in all the sites with your loved ones.

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