What is the currency in Mexico?

The currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso. Currency code MXN, the modern peso and dollar currencies have a similar common origin to the 15th-19th century, now retired, Spanish Dollar. The Mexican Peso is currently recognised as the 3rd most popular currency in the Americas. Behind the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar. It is also notably, the 10th most traded currency in the world. Making it popular amongst tourists and travellers on a more global scale. Making it the most traded currency from Latin America.

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Where to Exchange AUD to MXN?

Being within the top ten most traded currencies in the world, getting your hands on some Mexican Pesos can be relatively easy. Local banks, travel agents and currency shops should all keep relatively high stocks of Mexican Pesos. Making exchanging AUD to MXN a doddle. Although it’s not always guaranteed from provider to provider. Our currency exchange network allows us to always maintain levels of currency right across the board. Meaning that you can purchase Mexican Pesos with us right here, right now. Our online currency exchange platform is easy to use and can take a matter of minutes to sort your travel money out before you drop into Mexico City next month for that trip of a lifetime.

How to distinguish Mexican Peso Banknotes?

Trying to get your head around any new foreign currency can sometimes be a pain. Here at foreignxchange.com.au we always recommend getting your foreign currency as soon as possible so that you can learn and familiarise yourself with your travel money before you head overseas.

Luckily enough for you, Mexican Pesos banknotes are relatively easy to tell the difference between. Banknotes come in five separate denominations, each clearly marked with their value and varying colours:

  • 20 Pesos – Blue
  • 50 Pesos – Purple
  • 100 Pesos – Red
  • 200 Pesos – Green
  • 500 Pesos – Golden Brown

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AusPost Collection – Order MXN Online, Pick-up In-store

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