What is the currency in Thailand?

Thailand is currently the fifth most popular overseas travel destination for Australians so it is no surprise that the Thai Baht, official code THB, is recognised by SWIFT as the tenth most frequently used currency in the world. If you are heading to the capital city of Bangkok or a short trip to Phuket it is relatively easy to exchange money upon your arrival but you can’t always guarantee a better exchange rate than you would back home. As with most countries, international Airports are among the worst places to get your travel money organised due to weak exchange rates and high commission fees. It is therefore important to get your travel money sorted as soon as possible before you head out to Thailand.

Many ATMs are accessible within the major cities of Thailand, but again, you might be charged percentage fees for withdrawing money regularly. It is also hard to guarantee that your credit or debit card will work in other ATMs abroad. With well over 200 different Islands for you to explore. If you’re heading out for a couple of days to visit more of the remote places that Thailand has to offer, you will often struggle to find a place to withdraw cash. Cash really is king in the more remote Islands as locals often rely on cash payments from tourists.

What Are The Popular Denominations Of The Thai Baht

The Thai Baht banknotes are broken down into five different values ranging from 20 Baht up to 1,000 Baht. Each note is easily recognisable from its colour and number depicted on each side. Aside from the colour and number, an easier way to depict the value of each note is to remember the longer the note is in size the larger the value.

Each note contains a picture of previous kings which may help you distinguish values, with the constant King Maha Vajiralonghorn on every single obverse of each note. Below we have outlined each note based on its colour as a useful reference point.

  • The 20 baht banknote is Green
  • The 50 baht banknote is Blue
  • The 100 baht banknote is Red
  • The 500 baht banknote is Purple
  • The 1000 baht banknote is Brown

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