Where To Get The Best AUD To NZD Exchange Rates?

Are you heading over to New Zealand on a business or leisure trip and need some New Zealand Dollars? Here at Foreignxchange.com.au, we have access to a multitude of currencies at our fingertips that we can distribute Australia wide. With over ten years of experience in the currency exchange market, we understand the importance of not only providing our customers with a great rate but also a great service. We have the best exchange rate when it comes to getting your hands on our neighbor’s currency. So whether you’re heading off to either the south island or north or even both! You can be assured that we can get you your travel money on time and for the best value.  

Place Your Order For New Zealand Dollars Today

Ordering currency online has never been easier. Our easy to use, hassle-free currency exchange calculator allows you to easily find out how many New Zealand Dollars you can get for your Aussie Dollars. Through extensive market research and listening to what our customers have to say, we have built one of the easiest to use currency exchange platforms on the market today. Instead of trudging into the CBD or your local shopping center, save both time and money and order your currency online today.

Where Can You Find The Best AUD to NZD Exchange Rates?

Physical currency exchange shops usually charge extortionate commission fees and often have weak rates when you compare to the deals that you can find online. Our experience in this market has allowed us to find a unique balance between physical store locations and a strong online presence. Keeping our overheads down by limiting our physical stores has allowed us to reduce our commission fees, giving you a significantly better rate when it comes to exchanging AUD to NZD. From the time in which you place your order, you could have your travel money delivered and in your hands in as little as five business days.

How To Get Your New Zealand Dollars With These Two Easy Steps

Ordering your New Zealand Dollars and hunting down the best conversion rate has never been easier. Our two-step ordering process makes it simple and pain-free. You could have your travel money delivered to your doorstep in five business days.

Step 1:

Order and pay for your NZD online using our currency calculator. Next, complete your order with either BPay or a simple Bank Account Transfer

Step 2:

We will deliver your New Zealand Dollars in five business days from when you placed your order online. All you need to do is sign for your order and show your ID to our courier.

Order today, sit back and wait for your travel money to arrive in the mail. And that’s it. It really is that easy!

Why Use Foreignxchange.com.au For New Zealand Dollars?

Don’t let a bad experience with another currency provider put you off. To give you complete peace of mind, all of our orders are fully insured from the moment it is picked up from our head office. Our order process is tried and trusted by both new and existing customers. We often have travelers come back to us year on year to get their NZD sorted before they go away. We can exchange currency in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and all other areas right across Australia.

Avoid the headaches and nightmares of tracking down the best rates in stores. Order online today with Foreignxchange.com.au to get your New Zealand Dollars sorted before your departure date.