AUD to IDR 2023 Forecast

AUD to IDR 2023 Forecast: A Detailed Look at Risk/Reward

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This article will cover the projections for AUD to IDR in 2023, factors affecting the exchange rate, and forex investing strategies for the pair.


What Can We Expect from the AUD to IDR Exchange Rate in 2023?

The exchange rate of the Australian Dollar to the Indonesian Rupiah (AUD to IDR) is predicted to increase in 2023.

In fact, reaching 10,700 Indonesian rupiahs per Australian dollar in the first quarter, 10,687 in the second, and 10,021 in the third.

According to Wallet Investor, the AUD/IDR exchange rate may rise to as high as 10766 in 2023.

Forecasts also indicate that the rate will remain positive, with minor rises anticipated throughout the year.

Changes are predicted to be:

  • -0.7% in March 2023
  • 3.0% in April 2023
  • 2.3% in May 2023
  • -3% in June 2023
  • -2.7% in July 2023
  • -1.7% in August 2023
  • 1.6% in September 2023
  • 3% in December 2023

Given that the long-term earning potential is +1.71% in 2023, this prediction indicates a potential for growth in the value of the Australian dollar relative to the Indonesian rupiah.

This is wonderful news for those intending to trade or invest in the AUD/IDR pair.


What’s Driving the Aud/IDR Exchange Rate?

The Aussie, or the Australian dollar, is regarded as a commodity currency.

This is because mining contributes significantly to the country’s economy, making up 68.7% of exports and 11.5% of GDP.

As a result, commodity prices significantly impact how well the Australian economy is doing.

Furthermore, 36.5% of Australia’s exports go to China, so the Australian dollar is frequently used as a proxy for the Chinese economy.

Similarly, commodity markets impact the Indonesian rupiah as Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of palm oil and a significant source of industrial metals: steel, nickel, and copper.

When it comes to the exchange rate between the AUD and IDR, it is crucial to take into account the macroeconomic factors that influence the foreign currency rates of both currencies.

These consist of how well the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), manufacturing output, trade balances, employment, inflation, and interest rate monetary policy is doing.


When Is the Best Time to Trade AUD/IDR?

The AUD/IDR market is active when important macroeconomic data, monetary policy comments, or significant geopolitical events are released.

These events tend to increase volatility in currency markets, boost liquidity, and present trading opportunities.

So, they are often a great time to trade. However, it would help if you remembered that excessive volatility increases the possibility of suffering losses.


Predictions for the Australian Dollar in 2023

The Australian dollar is weakening, and banks anticipate this weakness will last for a while. However, there may be various reasons why the Australian dollar will strengthen.

We might see an improvement in the strength of the Australian dollar.

If, for instance, the Australian economy recovers and inflation is kept under control, or if China starts to demand more Australian commodities.


Predictions for the Indonesian Rupiah in 2023

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia has largely surpassed its neighboring nations in terms of economic resilience.

The country has experienced relatively more consistent real GDP growth, with only a 2.1% fall in 2020 and a bounce-back to 3.7% growth the following year.

However, according to Euromonitor, several variables are poised to strain the economy even more.

They include a sinking currency, a seven-year high inflation rate, and projected political unrest following the 2024 elections.

Due to the country’s unpredictability and instability, the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar has lost value in previous elections.

This happened particularly in 2009 after the world economy entered a recession in 2008.

The Idr rate started to decline in Q3 and Q4 of 2022, which is already predicted to happen to some extent between 2023 and 2024.

This will result in a drop in cash reserves and an increase in debt obligations to the country.


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The AUD to IDR exchange rate is predicted to increase slightly in 2023, with minor rises anticipated throughout the year.

This is due to the impact of commodities prices, as well as the macroeconomic indicators like GDP and inflation, which are factors that affect the exchange rate of both economies.

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