11 Ways To Save Money Travelling

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking to save money in all areas of your trip overseas. Here are some money saving tips that can save you a small fortune prior to booking that dream holiday or even when you finally get overseas yourself.

1. Select off-peak dates

If you’re looking for a cheaper fare and fewer crowds, holidays are not a very good time to travel. Vacation spots are typically priced higher during these peak seasons.

2. Check your baggage weight

Be aware of your allowed baggage and the excess baggage fees. Once you’ve finished packing, weigh your luggage first and remove whatever you can to decrease the weight.

3. Choose another airport

It may cost less to fly from another airport instead of the one that is closest to you. Although it may be a little more inconvenient, it will be worth it if it’s cheaper.

4. Make use of a variety of Apps

Look for apps that you can download on your smartphone which can give you great advice on the best and most affordable transportation, accommodation and food choices at your destination.

5. Pick Flights with the lowest rates

Prices of flights will differ based on the date, day and time. Weekend flights, for example, usually cost more than weekdays and though most people avoid red-eye flights, these often have fewer passengers and lesser rates.

6. Spend less when exchanging currency

Avoid making international withdrawals and charging on your credit card as there are transaction and exchange fees for every transaction using foreign exchange businesses.

7. Pack your own lunch

If the meals on your flight arent free, it would be a good idea to pack your own food. You can also bring snacks, It will cost less than buying them on board and you can make sure you bring food that you know you will actually like.

8. Avoid excess baggage charges

Invest in good quality travel bags. Plan your packing so that you can distribute the weight across your carry on bags and checked luggage.

9. No need to stick with just one airline

You’re not required to patronise a single airline for your entire trip Choose different airlines, whichever is cheaper, for your departure and return.

10. Try the local cuisine

Don’t be afraid to taste the local food. This is usually cheaper than going to restaurants and healthier than fast food. Be sure to also wake up early to enjoy the hotel’s buffet breakfast so you won’t be so hungry late in the day.

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