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Best Exchange Rates for Currency Exchange in Charlestown

Here at Charlestown, finding the best possible currency exchange deals is a breeze! There is a wide variety of currencies available such as Japanese Yen, British Pounds, Indonesian Rupiah, Zealand Dollars, and much more.

It is usually best to exchange currency online since this is a cheaper option due to a couple of factors. Buying currency makes it much easier to compare different online currency exchange rates since it gives you access to currency guides as well as currency convertors to extend your current knowledge. Completing this process is quite easy! Just start by picking how much and what currency you need. After, you’ll be able to choose the home delivery option or for the order to be picked up from a local branch. Then, pay by a bank transfer or a debit card and you’re done!

Buying online currency has increased in popularity over the years due to the exchange rates being much better and flexible online than in-store. Choosing to buy currency online gives you the option of setting rate alerts, which can promptly inform you of any drastic changes in the market. While buying online, just keep in mind that this usually takes 3 – 5 business days to be delivered or to be available for pick-up.

If you still decide to buy foreign cash from a bank, then this can still prove to be a feasible option if you keep a couple of factors in mind. Your currency exchange experience can be affected by what bank you choose to buy from. Different banks will have different currencies available, the amount of currency available, and pick up locations for any orders. It is best to at least do a little research beforehand to ensure your preferred bank is a good match for your needs.

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Do you want to get the best money exchange in Charlestown? Just make an order. Sit back and relax as your travel currencies make their way to your doorstep. No more long lines, difficult parking or poor rates. Getting currency exchanged online and delivered to your address has never been simpler.

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Foreign Xchange employs the latest technological and operational standards to ensure your privacy and payment details are in safe hands. We only work with premium couriers companies and our deliveries are fully insured for your peace of mind.
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How to best conduct your money transfers and foreign currency exchange in Charlestown NSW at Travel Money OZ and other locations

Australian businesses in Charlestown Shopping Centre at Charlestown Square Pearson Street offer many options for exchanging money. While we really recommend buying currency online, there are still other options out there for currency exchanges in Charlestown, such as by using Travel Money OZ or Foreign Xchange. To exchange currency in Newcastle, Western Union is also a great option!

Or, you may choose to use a specialist money exchanger for your currency exchange endeavours. Specialist money exchangers can prove to be much cheaper if you need to buy common currency, which can include British Pounds or US Dollars. The exchange rate can heavily depend on the competitiveness of the suppliers. Taking the time to look for a specialist money exchange store in a city centre or crowded area can really pay off since stores are constantly competing against each other.

As briefly discussed earlier, you can also choose to exchange currency through a bank. Contrary to the popular belief that banks have quite high rates, if you check the market before heading in, you can land yourself quite a good deal. Banks are best to use if you’re looking to buy uncommon currencies, such as Malaysian Ringgit or Japanese Yen since banks are not usually too competitive. 

Australia Post Offices can prove to be another viable option as most of these stores have an American Express Currency Exchange centre. It is only recommended to buy from these if you need currency fast, as the Australia Post Office rates are unsteady. If you have enough time, ensure you check the market before heading there since this can help put you in a better situation. Buying there is much better than buying at a Flight Centre but should still only be one of your last options.

It is also worth considering buying a currency that a friend may have leftover from their recent travels. However, there are some potential risks that may come with this option, such as the possibility of your friend not going through with the planned transaction. Or you may obtain old and counterfeit notes that aren’t eligible for use. You are still presented with the opportunity to negotiate a better foreign exchange rate than one that you would find at a store. It’s also much easier to avoid unnecessary charges or fees.

Tips to keep in mind while sorting out your international money transfers and foreign currency exchanges

There are additionally simple and easy tips to keep in mind while going through with your currency exchange or money transfers! Simple steps such as doing your research before buying your currency can really make the difference between a good or bad deal.

Ensure to always look at the total cost and not the rate while looking to exchange your currency. Extra costs such as commission, delivery charges and credit card fees can be sneakily hidden, meaning you’ll be paying more than you may think. Taking the extra time to read the terms and conditions of your payment deal can help you identify some of these.

It may be worthwhile to consider bringing a travel money card to use overseas since this usually locks in the exchange rate on the day you buy it. You’ll always be aware of what and how much you’re spending a foolproof way to avoid any issues which come with the exchange rate changing. It is also quite easy to send or receive currency using the card.

If you’re left with extra currency from your travel and find yourself wondering, “Where can I exchange foreign coins in Australia?” don’t worry! There are many outlets – like Travelex Kotara – that will allow you to exchange your foreign notes and even coins back to Australian Dollars at a competitive rate. You won’t lose the value of your currency if you take a little more than you need. Carrying extra cash is always a good idea to be prepared for any emergency.

You are probably going to want to familiarise yourself with how taxes work at your planned destination since this can differ depending on where you’re going. Each country has a different tax system. Some may be like Australia, already adding taxes to the existing price. However, the US or Canada only add the tax in the final receipt. Others such as the UK give you the option to get a refund (Value Added Tax). Proper budgeting for your travels allows you to exchange foreign cash with confidence.

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