Currency Exchange Rate Update – 24th May 2019

We’re back again with another currency exchange rate update! This week we take a look at our six main currency conversion rates. If you’re wanting to buy British Pounds, Japanese Yen, American Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah, Euros or New Zealand Dollars. Take a read through our top six foreign currencies outlined below. Find out what you could get with your hard-earned Australian Dollars. Alternatively, head on over to our online currency exchange calculator to find our full range of foreign currencies we have to offer.


AUD to GBP Exchange Rate

Heading out to London or visiting family and friends over in the UK? Here are the latest currency exchange rates for Australian Dollars to Great British pounds.

1 AUD = 0.52 GBP

10 AUD = 5.27 GBP

100 AUD = 263.85 GBP

500 AUD = 260.75 GBP

1000 AUD = 527.70 GBP


AUD to JPY Exchange Rate

Departing overseas to see the sites of Japan? An ever-growing popular travel destination amongst us Aussies. Check out the up to date currency exchange rates for Japanese Yen.

1 AUD = 73.18 JPY

10 AUD = 731.84 JPY

100 AUD = 7,318.46 JPY

500 AUD = 36,592.30 JPY

1000 AUD = 73,184.60 JPY


AUD to USD Exchange Rate

Need to purchase American Dollars before you travel to the USA? Here are the most up to date conversion rates for Australian Dollars to United States Dollars.

1 AUD = 0.67 USD

10 AUD = 6.75 USD

100 AUD = 67.50 USD

500 AUD = 337.50 USD

1000 AUD = 675.00 USD


AUD to IDR Exchange Rate

About to depart on that much-needed trip to Bali? Or are you heading somewhere else in Indonesia? Here is the most up to date currency conversion rate for Australia Dollars to Indonesian Rupiahs.

1 AUD = 9072 IDR

10 AUD = 90727 IDR

100 AUD = 907,279 IDR

500 AUD = 4,536,395 IDR

1000 AUD = 9,072,799 IDR


AUD to EUR Exchange Rate

France, Spain, Italy, or any other European destination that uses Euros. Make sure you check out the latest currency exchange rates from us when exchanging Australian Dollars to EUR.

1 AUD = 0.60 EUR

10 AUD = 6.00 EUR

100 AUD = 60.00 EUR

500 AUD = 300.00 EUR

1000 AUD = 600.00 EUR


AUD to NZD Exchange Rate

Hopping over the Tasman to see the views of New Zealand. Whether you’re heading over to the North Island or South Island, check out our exchange rates for Australian Dollars to New Zealand Dollars.

1 AUD = 1.01 NZD

10 AUD = 10.18 NZD

100 AUD = 101.88 NZD

500 AUD = 509.4 NZD

1000 AUD = 1018.81 NZD

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All currency exchange rates representative of 24th March 2019 at 08:00 AEDT