Fleurieu Peninsula Currency Exchange and Travel Money Options

Situated just a 45-minute drive from South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula has a wide variety of beautiful and interesting places to visit. The beach areas and wine areas are particularly popular for tourists and locals in the summer months.

However, the population of the towns is small and when residents want to travel overseas it is very inconvenient for them to organise a trip into Adelaide for currency exchange before their trip.

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Physical Money Changers in the Area

All the towns in the Fleurieu Peninsula are relatively small and rely mostly on banks if they need currency exchanges. Banks have limited opening hours and do not offer the best rates.

Some towns don’t even have banks, only post offices, which involves them ordering the money in any way.

McLaren Vale

South Australia is known for its world-renowned wines and some of the best vineyards are in McLaren Vale, a picturesque town located near the Mt Lofty Ranges and the beaches of the St Vincent Gulf.

It has over 80 cellar doors allowing visitors to taste the wines produced in the oldest wine-growing area in South Australia.

It has a population of 3,861 and is 40 km from Adelaide.

Money can be exchanged at the Commonwealth and ANZ banks but the opening hours are limited, and there no other options in the town itself.

The banks don’t always have all the major currencies and their rates are usually higher.

Port Noarlunga

As the name suggests this used to be a port town but the port no longer exists and it is known for its beautiful beaches, extending along to Christie’s beach. The jetty that used to service the port is still there and there is a reef about 200 meters off the beach which means the water is mostly flat and very safe to swim at.

It is very popular for locals as the town of Port Noarlunga is mainly residential now, combining with the neighboring suburb of Christie’s Beach.

It is 27km south of Adelaide and has a population of 2,632. The major shopping center of the Colonnades has the only foreign exchange company in the entire district. It is located on Jetty Rd, but it does keep only normal business hours and there are also banks that do a foreign exchange but the banking hours are even more limited.

People from this area would probably have to resort to traveling to Adelaide in order to get the best rates of exchange.

Victor Harbour

Victor Harbour is on the east coast of the peninsula and its main claim to fame is the horse-drawn tram which takes visitors out along the pier to Granite Island which houses a penguin colony.

You can also walk out on the pier to Granite Island and tours are available to see the fairy penguins as they come up the beach at dusk.

Boat tours offer a different perspective of the area from the ocean spotting seals, dolphins, sea lions, and whales, in the right season.

The options for foreign exchange in Victor Harbour are only banks, no foreign exchange companies. The banks are the ANZ, Commonwealth, Bank of S.A., Westpac and Bendigo bank.
Bank hours all over Australia are 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with very few exceptions.

Victor Harbour is 83 km from Adelaide, a bit too far to drive in search of currency exchanges.


The Murray River is one of the most important rivers in Australia and Goolwa, on the southeastern side of the Fleurieu Peninsula sits on the river, and a bridge joins it to neighboring Hindmarsh Island.

A very popular attraction in Goolwa is the Cockle train which runs from Goolwa to Victor Harbour stopping at Port Elliot. It’s a heritage steam train that is operated and maintained by volunteers.

Goolwa is 100 km from Adelaide and has a population of 2,300.

The only facility for currency exchange in Goolwa is the post office, which would need to order in any currencies. This is a very inconvenient option for residents.

Other towns in the Fleurieu Peninsula include:

  • Yankalilla, where the only travel money options are also banks and the same is true of Strathalbyn, an inland town and Willunga.
  • Cape Jervis, on the southern tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula, is the point of departure for the ferries which travel to Kangaroo Island.

It is quite isolated, has a very small population and there is no way to do a money exchange, except by travelling to the nearest town of Normanville, 31 km away.

However, even then Normanville only has money exchange in the post office.

It is pretty safe to say that the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia has very few satisfactory money travel options.

There appears to be only one actual currency exchange facility in the area, at the major shopping center in Noarlunga.

Other than that people need to rely on their local banks and post offices, or drive considerable distances for money exchange.

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