How To Find The Best Currency Exchange Rates At Sydney Airport

Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates at Sydney Airport: A Guide

Foreign Xchange is one of Australia’s most competitive online currency exchange platforms that is committed to providing the best currency exchange rates Australia wide. In this short article, we look at how you can get the best currency exchange rate at Sydney Airport.

Finding The Best Currency Exchange Rates

1. The best option? Order your currency online today with us! Beat the queues, high commission fees and get the best exchange rates. We can deliver your travel money directly to your doorstep with one of the best rates guaranteed. We’re able to offer a currency exchange delivery service across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane as well as all major towns, cities and states across Australia. We are tried, tested and used again by many of our existing customers.

2. Second best. Order a travel card from a competitor. Travel cards can be a good way to get a great rate while reducing the risk of carrying around large sums of cash. However, travel cards can charge high fees and can take a considerable amount of time to get set-up and delivered to your home address. Travel cash cards can also sometimes be unreliable when using them overseas and nothing will provide you more security knowing that having cash that will work for almost any transaction.

3. The least attractive offer is waiting to get to Sydney Airport to get your travel money sorted. There are are a number of exchange money in Sydney airport that all charge high commission fees and notorious for having low foreign exchange rates. This is usually because of the demand for once at the airport – there is very little competition from other operatives. You are far better off making sure you get your currency exchange at least a fortnight prior to your departure.

I’ve Left It Too Late To Buy Currency Online, Where Can I Get Currency Exchanged?

There are three main currency exchange operatives within Sydney Airport buildings. Each with six separate locations, where you can either buy or sell currency. There are two Travelex counters in the departure gates with the largest next to gate 60 and the second being located near the check-in section at letter G.

There are two ANZ counters within Sydney Airport one in each the arrivals lounge and the departures area of the airport. Then there are a further two more counters from Global Exchange Australia which are dotted about the airport.

Although this would appear you have a lot of options to choose from. In hindsight, with nowhere else to go, you could have got a far better offer online than getting your foreign currency from one of the three operatives in Sydney Airport prior to your departure.

Save Money & Order Online Before You Go

Giving yourself more time to shop around, compare rates and seek out the best deal will make sure that you find the best rate available. Take a look at our current currency exchange rates for AUD to USD – we are certain you will not find better! If you are looking to order over $1,000 of currency you may be better off giving us a call to find out what our best currency rate is and we accept money transfers.

Don’t Leave It Till The Day Of Your Departure

Beat the queues and hassle of having to locate your currency operative on the day you leave for your holiday. Not only can this give you an extra thing to think about on the day that you fly out the country, but if you get lost or delayed getting to your air travel this could either mean you don’t have enough time to collect the cash, or you could miss your flight altogether!

Order your currency exchange online today from us and we can be certain you’ll not only get a great conversion rate, but you will avoid the hassle of having to shop around looking for the best deal and you will have your international money sorted weeks or even months before the day of your departure. For a stress-free, convenient and easy way to get your currency exchanged – use today!