Japan Travel Budget Guide for Individuals

Japan is in the Pacific Ocean and located off the eastern coast of Asia. Its famous destinations include Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Many people also visit Nara, Hakone, and Shinjuku during their trip to Japan. The city has a rich history and is filled with shrines, temples, museums and garden parks.

Before you visit Japan, do some research and decide what time of year you want to take your trip. There are certain times during the year that offer visitors a unique experience. For instance, some people choose to visit Japan in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Make sure you check out the best exchange rate for AUD to JPY before you head off on your travels.

Here are some tips on travelling to Japan regardless of the amount of money you want to spend:


  • Food & drinks The street food in this city will cost you about $5.50 AUD per person with choices that include steamed pork buns, sweet fish waffles and hot sweet potatoes. Ramen vending machines are another choice for eating out and a standard bowl cost about $10 AUD.
  • Accommodation Tourists sleep in hostels, camp and couch surf to find cheap accommodations in Japan. Sleeping in a capsule hotel or economy hotel is also an option. However, if you are extremely limited with cash you may opt for sleeping in an internet café. These accommodations will range from free to about $63 AUD per night.
  • Getting around Since you are traveling on a budget, public transportation is your best bet. The fare for a bus ride varies depending on the city you’re in and is calculated by zones. Taking the subway is a convenient and affordable way to get around, purchasing an unlimited ticket for the entire day will save you money too.
  • Alcohol The average price for a beer in Japan is $7.50 AUD and a cocktail costs $10 AUD. Since you are on a budget, purchase your drinks at a vending machine instead of a bar. Visiting an izakaya will allow you to drink for cheap, it is a small restaurant that serves drinks for $3.36 AUD.
  • Going out Since you are on a budget, you may want to go to venues that are low cost. Spend time on the beaches, watch sunsets or going hiking are all free and allow you to really see what the country has to offer.
  • Tourism Couples can take a tour with a guide and go on sunrise treks for about $50-$75 AUD or take surfing lessons for $19 AUD each.
    The cost per day on an average budget for a couple is $96-$106 AUD. This estimate depends on your daily activity and if you stay within your budget.


  • Food & drinks Going out for dinner and drinks is an exquisite experience in Japan and Sushi is everywhere. A plate of sushi can be purchased for up to $62 AUD at a fancy restaurant.
  • Accommodation Finding a mid-range hotel is not difficult in Japan and will cost you about $212 AUD per night. These hotels have comfortable rooms with nice views and good amenities. They are usually close to transportation and may include washing machines.
  • Getting around A Japan Rail pass ticket costs about $588 AUD and allows you to travel between cities for 14 days. If you are traveling to various areas, purchasing a two-week pass will save you money and time. Each city has its own rail pass with packages and special tickets priced to match your desired destination. Renting a bicycle is another choice, and the price is about $19 AUD per day.
  • Alcohol The Japanese take drinking seriously and consider it a form of bonding. The most common drinks are beer and sake. A glass of wine costs about $12.50 AUD and sake $7.50 AUD. Whiskey and other hard liquors vary in price.
  • Going out There are cabaret shows, nightclubs, restaurants and karaoke bars in Japan. The amount you spend depends on where you go, and the city you visit. The price for cabaret shows begin at $76 AUD, and a night of karaoke can cost you $3.00 AUD to $6.00 AUD per time slot.
  • Tourism There are tours available that can take you to major attractions and monuments. The price for your tour depends on the destination, for instance, a trip to Mt. Fuji costs about $198 AUD. A Kyoto rail tour costs approximately $413 AUD, and a visit to a temple costs $126 AUD. You spend an average of $305 AUD per day if you rent a bike every day without purchasing a rail ticket for two weeks.


  • Food & drinks If money is no limit, then you can visit the most expensive restaurants in Japan. You can spend well over $260 on a four-course meal with drinks. Some of the most extravagant places to eat are stationed in this city and a meal can cost up to $1,660 AUD.
  • Accommodation The price for a five-star resort and spa begins at $657 AUD per night and typically includes a spa, pools, dining areas and lavish amenities. You get room service, concierge, free parking and transportation service available upon request.
  • Getting around There are several ways for you to get around in Japan that include renting a car, taking a taxi or the railway. A car rental ranges from $62 AUD per day for a sub-compact car to $249 AUD for a van.
  • Alcohol Japan has a plethora of bars with price ranges and cocktails to fit every budget. However, the price can vary depending on where you go to drink.
  • Going out The nightlife in Japan can be pricey and when you eat at a restaurant in the red-light district costs between $69-$75 AUD. Drink costs about $13 AUD and entry to nightclubs range between $20 AUD-$44 AUD.
  • Tourism There are three-day tours available to Hiroshima that cost $554 AUD and private tours to Nagano that begin at $1,321 AUD. These tour groups usually pick you up and provide you with a tour guide.
    If you are splurging, you can spend well over $2,000 AUD in Japan this includes going to the most expensive restaurants, staying at a five-star resort and go out every night.

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