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Best Exchange Rates for Currency Exchange in Liverpool

Currency exchange in Liverpool has never been easier – regardless of whether you’re looking for Indonesian Rupiah, British Pounds, Thai baht, or Japanese Yen! Today your first option should really be to head online and pick out the currency or currencies you’ll need on your trip. After you’ve chosen what and how much currency you need, you’ll need to either select the in-store pickup or home delivery option. If you do pick the delivery option, keep in mind that this may come with additional delivery fees. Now, all you need to do is just make the payment for your currency – and you are done!

Going online to buy travel money or exchange currency for other purposes has grown in popularity for a number of reasons. Exchanging currency online and picking your preferred currency is usually much cheaper, easier, and more convenient in comparison to buying in-store, as there is a delivery option included and hidden fees are easier to avoid. If you buy currency online, you can also easily access a currency converter. Currency converters can be used to compare the worth of your dollar and the currency unit you’re exchanging for. This is another great way to spot any hidden fees that you may not have been aware of earlier.

As well as online rates usually being cheaper, buying online also helps you to avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you. Also, quite a few banks and outlets do not have a large number of popular currencies on hand, so going online gives you the option to instead order ahead. Buying a wide range of currencies also proves to be less of a hassle and easier to keep track of.

However, if you’d rather buy in-store, no worries! There are still viable options out there. Banks are an option that tends to be overlooked but can have some great options if you’re looking for unpopular currencies. As mentioned earlier, though, you should still compare exchange rates against different outlets instead of immediately heading over to the bank, as this will give you the best chances of getting a good exchange rate.

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How to conduct foreign currency exchanges at Westfield shopping centres (and other places)

While you can look at banks as an alternative for buying online, you can also go to other stores, such as Lotus Foreign Exchange Liverpool or No1 Currency (in Westfield Liverpool or the city centre). Some also might consider using American Express Centres that are located in Australia Post Offices. This can be a good option if you require currency immediately – but shouldn’t be your first choice, as the exchange rates do tend to be higher. If you have the time, check out some outlets first and think of Australia Post as an emergency option.

Specialist money exchange stores can be a good choice as they have common currencies, such as USD, available. However, you should keep in mind that they don’t always have many unpopular currencies on hand. We recommend visiting these types of stores in the city, as they are forced to try and set cheap foreign currency exchange rates due to competing with each other. If you call ahead, you can get more information on the currencies and rates they have before heading over there.

Like we said earlier, banks can be a good choice for uncommon currencies, but expensive if you need uncommon currencies. They also have travel cards on offer, which can be especially great if you’re visiting multiple destinations. Travel cards work similarly to how debit cards do, but with one key difference – there are a few currencies loaded onto there at the same time. Conveniently enough, the exchange rate on the day you load money onto the card is locked in. This means that whenever you reload your card to do a bank transfer, the rate you used earlier will apply, no matter whether the current exchange rate has increased or decreased. If you keep an eye out on the market, this can be a great opportunity to grab a low rate.


Consider the mid-market rate whenever you are conducting money transfers or looking to buy currency

You should always be thinking of the mid-market rate when you’re looking at currency forecasts, conducting international money transfers, or buying currency. What exactly is the mid-market rate? It is also referred to as the interbank rate and can essentially be thought of as the ‘real’ or ‘true’ exchange rate. This is the rate that banks and outlets use to globally trade currencies on the market. If you want to find out the current mid-market rate, then all it takes is a simple Google search!

There are quite a few external economic factors that impact the mid-market rate, including inflation, interest rates, economic performance, political uncertainty, government debts, speculation, and trade agreements. As you can imagine, the mid-market rate changes quite regularly, so you should always check on it.

When you’re familiar with the mid-market rate, you’ll be able to compare this rate with those that outlets and banks offer. When you compare these rates, you’ll easily see the difference between the mid-market rate and the rate on offer. This will help you identify which outlet or bank has the best rate on offer. Remember to check how extra fees will impact the total cost of your money exchange, as quite a few outlets may try to sneak them in at the last second.

If you’re thinking of getting into currency forecasting, you should also consider looking at mid-market rates in the past to find a pattern. ‘Currency forecasting’ refers to people using methods to predict (forecast) how exchange rates will change in the future. This is done by collecting information on currency rates while looking at the current economic factors. Economists and investors are always keen to look into this area. Some also try to make some extra cash by investing in currency exchange rates; however, we don’t recommend this if you are an amateur as the rates can be quite unpredictable and can change suddenly, despite all your efforts to predict these changes.

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