Online Currency Calculator Explained

Through many years of experience and customer feedback, has built one of the most user-friendly, easiest to use online currency calculators. From finding out what our exchange rates are, right through to placing your order. Our currency calculator is arguably one of the best online exchange platforms in Australia.

Step 1: Choose your currency method

There are multiple ways to use our currency exchange calculator, it’s up to you to decide how you want to receive your foreign cash. Do you want to order a prepaid Mastercard travel passport, top it up or order physical cash delivered directly to your doorstep? No matter what method you decide, the rate stays the same so don’t let this put you off. We recommend having multiple payment options when you go overseas so you don’t get cut short or stuck when a small shop, cafe or restaurant doesn’t accept your travelcard.

Your Three Currency Exchange Options Are:

  • Cash
  • Cash Passport
  • Cash Reload

Step 2: Select your foreign currency

The interesting part. Select your chosen currency from the dropdown menu. Here we have access to over 60 different currencies, so you can count on us to have the foreign money you are after. If you can’t find the currency you are after, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to find out a rate that suits you.

Step 3: Select your quantity

Use the foreign currency amount box to type how much cash you are after, alternatively, you can type in how much AUD you would like to exchange. Chances are the foreign currency amount will round up to the nearest smallest note denomination. This makes sure that we don’t end up sending you loose change that you have to fiddle around with and likely won’t end up spending anyway.

Your AUD amount will also likely change to get you the closest amount to your nearest rounded foreign denomination. Don’t panic though, if you would like to increase or decrease the AUD amount feel free to keep playing around until you get to an amount that you are happy with.

Step 4: Buy Currency button

Once you have had a play around with our currency calculator, selected the foreign currency of your travel destination and typed in an amount that you are happy to convert. Hit the “Buy Currency” button and you will be sent through to our easy, one-step order form.

Home Delivery Or AusPost Collection

Once you’ve selected your currency, foreign exchange amounts and ready to complete your purchase you have the option to either pick-up in-store or get it delivered directly to your home address. If you know you’re going to be out and about during the day, or you want to pick-up your order in person, AusPost collection could be your best bet.

Currency Exchange Delivered Directly To You Home

If you want it delivered straight to your house, select the home delivery option. Your order should be with you between 3-5 business days from dispatch. Once your order arrives at your door, our courier will ask you for proof of ID. This ensures us that your currency falls into the right hands and not somebody else’s.

Currency Exchange: Pick-up In-store At Australia Post

Rather click and collect your travel money? No dramas, select the AusPost collection option at the checkout and we’ll get your travel money sent directly to an Australia Post Office location of your choice. That way you can pick up your order at a time that suits you. Once your order arrives at your chosen Post Office, we’ll send you a notification to say that it is ready for collection. Again, you will be required to show proof of ID upon collection.

Why choose

Our number one goal is to make getting foreign currency as easy as possible, whilst making sure your cash is delivered safely and securely. We’ve been helping Australian’s exchange currency in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and all other locations right across Australia. Place your order online with us today using our handy online currency exchange calculator and you could get your order in as little as five business days. We are – Great rates at your convenience.