What Are The Best Travel Money Cards For Japan

Best Travel Money Cards For Japan

If you’ve decided on a trip to Japan anytime soon, you’re in for a wonderful experience.

This Asian nation’s primary appeal is in its futuristic attractions and advanced technologies, so you may be surprised to find that many of Japan’s major cities still rely heavily on cash.

You may therefore need to preload as much Japanese yen as you’ll require on a travel money card thus allowing you to efficiently withdraw cash for use while abroad.

A good travel card can also help you spend in the smartest way possible during your journey.

In this guide, we’ve recommended the best travel money cards for Aussies to use in Japan.

Keep reading to discover the features that matter when selecting a travel card, as well as other tips to help you have a stress-free trip.

What are the Features of a Good Travel Money Card?

There are several travel money cards to choose from, but you’ll need to look out for certain important features if you want nothing short of the best.

For starters, a good travel money card should have great exchange rates, a low currency conversion fee, and support multiple foreign currency options.

Furthermore, as an Australian looking to spend time in Japanese cities, you should choose a card that allows both the preloading of the Japanese yen and easy conversion of the Australian dollar to the yen at a great exchange rate.

The travel card should also be a Visa or Mastercard since these are the accepted card payment options in Japan.

It would be best if you also considered how easy it is to use the travel card to withdraw money.

This is especially because you will need to carry cash around during your stay in Japan. So, a good travel money card with minimal international ATM fees is vital.

Based on these and other important features, we’ve recommended the best travel cards to use in Japan.

What are the Best Travel Money Cards for Japan?

If you’re an Aussie travelling to Japan, here are some travel cards to consider using if you want the most ideal living and shopping experience in Japan.

Travelex Money Card – Best All-Round Card for ATM Withdrawals

The Travelex Money card’s main advantage over other options is that it allows unlimited free ATM withdrawals.

Since Japan is primarily a cash society, this travel card provides a clear advantage compared to others in terms of support for withdrawing cash.

The Travelex Money Card excels in most areas, so most users consider it versatile.

Although the exchange rates aren’t as favourable as those offered by travel cards like Wise, it still offers loads of other benefits.

You can use the Travelex money card to make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. It should also be accepted for online shopping in foreign currencies.

Other advantages include:

  • Support for multiple currencies, (up to 10 currencies), including the Japanese yen (JPY)
  • A 24/7 assistance and support system is available if the card is stolen or lost
  • No initial card fee or card replacement fee
  • Zero international transaction fees

HSBC Everyday Global Travel Card – Best Visa Card for ATM Withdrawals

Just like Travelex, HSBC Everyday Global works particularly great in Japan because there are no fees for ATM withdrawal with this card.

It also offers a favourable exchange rate when you’re converting the Australian dollar to Japanese yen

It also offers a favourable exchange rate when converting the Australian dollar to the Japanese yen.

You’ll typically be able to use the HSBC Everyday Global anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

As long as you’ve loaded currencies on the card, you get to enjoy a competitive exchange rate, regardless of the currency.

Some of the other great benefits you’ll enjoy with the HSBC Everyday Global Travel Card include:

  • No upper balance limit no matter the currency
  • No foreign transaction fees or cross-currency conversion fees
  • Zero fees for initial card, closure, monthly or account maintenance fees

Westpac Travel Card – Prepaid Travel Card with Low Fees

With very low costs and no foreign transaction fees, the Westpac Travel card is another excellent option for Australian travellers to use in Japan.

It requires little to no ATM fees to withdraw cash in some global locations.

It is one of the prepaid cards that offer favourable exchange rates, particularly for the Japanese yen, and some other currencies including CAD, USD, EUR and GBP.

Another major advantage of the Westpac Travel card is that if your flights are delayed and you need to visit airport lounges, it grants you access to a flight delay pass.

Other useful features of the Westpac Worldwide Wallet Global Card include:

  • No initial card fees, load fees or inactivity fees
  • You can use other currencies to make payments if one currency on your card runs out without paying a hefty cross-currency transaction fee.
  • You get two free cards per bank account
  • Mastercard Zero Liability protection offers security from fraudulent transactions
  • Useful for payments anywhere Mastercard is accepted

Choose the Best Travel Money Card with Foreign Xchange

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