What Can 100 AUD Buy In Korea

What Can I Buy With 100 AUD In Korea

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100 Australian Dollars can go quite a long way in Korea, as 100 AUD is worth approximately 89,610 South Korean Won. Overall, South Korean prices are quite reasonable. It is not as cheap as Asian countries such as China or Laos – but, on the other hand, it is cheaper than Singapore and Japan. Let’s have a closer look at how far you can stretch your Australian Dollar in South Korea.

On average, you should be expecting to pay 130 AUD per person and day while holidaying in South Korea. For one week, this means you would be looking at

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about 900 AUD. If you were travelling as a pair, the cost would bump up to 1,800 AUD.

With some careful budgeting, you could take this down to as low as 50 AUD per person and day or 355 AUD per person and week. If, instead, you are looking at a luxurious holiday, the cost would be more like 325 AUD per person per day. A high-end holiday for a week could go up to 2,300 AUD per person.

While holidaying in South Korea, you’ll need to set aside some money for daily costs such as accommodation,

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transportation, food, and entertainment. For accommodation, staying at a hotel or hostel would cost around 60 AUD per day.

So, for just a bit over 100 Australian Dollars, you could afford to stay at a hotel or hostel for two days. For customers looking for a typical double-occupancy room, this would raise up to a bit over 100 Australian Dollars per day.

For a luxury South Korean hotel room, you should be expecting to pay 354 Australian Dollars. Before picking a hotel room, ensure to pick one that is best suited to your needs. This means considering hotels with family-friendly, pet-friendly, pool, and kitchen areas if needed.

How much Korean tourist services cost in Australian Dollars

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A big part of tourism is transportation, an area that travellers sometimes forget about. A taxi ride is generally 19 Australian Dollars, however, you have other

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options, such as using the subway. One Seoul City Pass Plus is 11 AUD, a Subway Card is 5.50 AUD, and a shorter taxi ride would be 8 AUD. A singular bus ride, itself, is AUD 1.50.

If you need to move between cities and towns in South Korea, then will cost around 80 AUD. However, please do keep in mind that these prices will naturally both differ due to the type and length of transportation.

Meal prices in South Korea will be varied, although, you can expect to be paying only 33 Australian Dollars for meals per day in South Korea. This will be a bit more if you plan on eating out, but you can save quite a bit by dining at fast food establishments or by eating street food.

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To break this down a bit more, you could be buying a burger for 6.72 AUD and a waffle for 1.08 AUD. Breakfast and coffee for two people would be quite

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cheap, coming to 10 AUD, whereas a carp bread (a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweetened red bean paste)and donut would be even cheaper, costing 3.80 AUD together.

As for drinks, a water bottle (enough for one day) would be around 2.52 AUD. Luckily, South Korean water is deemed safe to drink so you can source your water from multiple locations.

For a 2L bottled water, you can expect to pay AUD 1.08, 4.88 AUD for a lemonade drink, and 1.57 AUD for a 500ml bottle of milk. Green tea would be towards the higher end at 3.80 AUD, whereas a Starbucks latte and rice water would be similarly priced at around 2-3 AUD.

South Korean tourist attractions and their prices in AUD (per current exchange rate)

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There are many places you could visit in South Korea, such as Museum Kimchikan (formerly known as the Kimchi Museum). As the name suggests, you can visit this museum to learn about the various different types of kimchi. There are even tasting opportunities as well as other activities for visitors to participate in.

This museum was previously located in Samseon-dong but has now moved to Insa-dong, where it underwent a name change to now be known as Museum Kimchikan. One ticket for entry costs 3.25 AUD.

You could also grab some tickets to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is one of the largest places out of the five built during

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the Josen Dynasty in Seoul. These grounds are now home to the National Folk Museum of Korea as well as the National Palace Museum of Korea. You should expect to spend 8.70 AUD on one Palace ticket.

Monitoring online exchange rates and setting rate alerts to take advantage of the best opportunities to convert AUD to KRW can make significant

difference, helping you take your Australian Dollar even further on your South Korean trip.

We wish you a safe and happy trip!