What Limits Are There When Carrying Cash Overseas?

A brief guide from Foreignxchange.com.au when carrying cash overseas. Save time and money by ordering your travel money online from us. The best currency exchange rates delivered directly to your doorstep. Simple, convenient and hassle-free. Currency exchange

It’s important to carry out a bit research when travelling overseas to try and determine first of all how much money you will need. Whether it’s a business trip or long anticipated family holiday, there is nothing worse than running out of cash before you have to fly back home. There is extensive posts and forums online that will be able to give you real insights into the destinations you are travelling to. We have written a few ourselves when travelling overseas on a budget to Japan and also Bali to name but a few.

Limits on Carrying Cash

Knowing how much cash you need for your trip is one thing, but are you fully aware of how much you are allowed to legally take? Although there is no legal limit on how much cash you can physically carry on to a plane, if you are travelling internationally you must declare with authorities any amount that exceeds $10,000. The majority of the time you will be able to do this via your customs card or you will have the chance to do this upon arrival. The best thing to do is to check online prior to your trip to ensure that the amount of cash you are carrying does not exceed your destinations limits.

If you are carrying a significant sum of cash overseas, it is important to be prepared to answer authorities and law enforcement so that you have a valid reason for carrying that amount. This is where an international or borderless debit or credit card could come in really handy.

Where Should I Keep My Cash?

Although it might sound silly, if you are travelling overseas with a lot of cash and especially if it’s to a country that you may not have been to before, you should be wary of how you carry your cash. Putting your travel money into bags that you are checking in is definitely a no-no. Although it doesn’t bare thinking about, as soon as your checked bags are checked-in, that’s it they are out of sight. Too many people have access to them once your bag disappears on that conveyor belt. When you get your bags back, there is no accountability for anyone specifically if you find that your money has gone missing.

Carrying money on your person is another risk altogether. Loose pockets could mean that you run the risk of your money falling out of your jacket without you realising. Or you’re almost certain that you’re going to get a pat-down or at least a screening by the airport security staff which can be an unnecessary evil at the best of times. Travel belts are a good, secure way of carrying cash on your person, but it is probably based to put this on once you have made your way through all areas of airport security.

We would always recommend to place your sum of cash in your carry on bag or suitcase, making sure that you never let it leave your line of sight or carry it on you at all time. Beit a small rucksack, briefcase or suitcase, we would also recommend having some form of lock on it to avoid potential thieves trying to access your bags in queues or other public places when outside the airport. If you do get pulled aside for a secondary screening from Airport security, make them aware that your bag contains cash and that you would like to keep it in your sight at all times. 

Do Your Research In Full

If you are still unsure with the rules and regulations when it comes to carrying cash overseas and specifically with the varying limits that may exist when entering other countries, we would always advise carrying out thorough research prior to getting on your flight. There are countless of accounts and articles online where you will find the rules and regulations when it comes to carrying large sums of cash into your chosen travel destination. The more you are aware of the do’s and don’ts, the smoother your journey will be.

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