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Currency Exchange Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Currency Exchange & Travel Money Options

One of the biggest hassles that travellers have to deal with is acquiring foreign currencies for their trip. When travelling outside of Australia, every country is going to require a different form of payment. This requires the exchange of Australian dollars or withdrawing directly into the foreign currency. Both options are time-consuming and can cost a lot of money.

We have provided a solution to this problem by offering an alternative to traditional currency exchange and other travel money options. Our unique service allows Australian citizens to buy all major currencies online. The purchased currencies will be shipped within five business days to your home address, anywhere in the country.

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Our solution is able to provide customers with the best rates in the market. Currency exchange companies and others providing travel money options are renowned for charging high margins rates and other fees which means a poor overall exchange rate. This is necessary for these businesses as they need to cover their overheads and cost of the operations. Our service takes advantage of the internet which keeps our costs low and allows us to offer the best rates in the market. We are striving to make it easier for travellers and the feedback has been very positive.

More about how Foreign Xchange works

Foreign Xchange employs the latest technological and operational standards to ensure your privacy and payment details are in safe hands. We only work with premium couriers companies and our deliveries are fully insured for your peace of mind.
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Welcome to FX – The Home Of Convenient Currency Exchange

If you ask almost anyone in the world about their hobbies you will find out that most of them are going to tell you that one of their hobbies includes travelling. Travelling can be done for many reasons: Skiing, scuba diving, visiting famous places etc. But one thing always stands out: leaving your ordinary life behind and discovering something new. New culture, new foods, different language and a new currency too.

That’s right, one of the little joys of travelling is acquiring and using another currency. Maybe its made of paper? Or it has all sorts of funny colours (or none at all) or maybe the denominations are so high that you instantly become a millionaire (Vietnam). However, before you get to go on that adventure you’ll have to find a way to get all the currencies for your trip.

Kangaroo Island is a great destination for travellers but a bit short on services for those locals who want to travel elsewhere, including money exchange. There are still local banks to provide this service or you could stop off in Adelaide on your way through but what if I told you could get all your currencies from the comfort of your own home at the best rates available in Australia?

That’s exactly the service we’ve built here at Foreignxchange.com.au! Check our calculator for our rates (we have the best rates in Australia, guaranteed). Once you’re ready to get your cash, just use our simple online ordering process and your currencies will be delivered directly to your door within 5 business days.

If you’d still like to go the traditional route and use a physical money changer in the Kangaroo Island area, then check out the options below.

BankSA branches – you can visit a BankSA branch to get foreign currency but in most cases, they’ll have to order it in and it will be ready for pickup in a few days. They have a branch at 60 Dauncey St in Kingscote.

ANZ Bank also has a similar service at its branch at 62 Dauncey St, Kingscote.

If you hop over to the mainland there are a few more options on the Fleurieu Peninsula but still mostly just banks.

To get the most competitive rates from a physical store, you’ll need to head into Adelaide. You can visit the ForeignXchange physical money changer store in King William Street for the best rates (matching our online rates).

On the other hand, if you’d like to get your currencies all organised before you set out from home then consider using our online service and get the best rates with delivery to your door in 5 business days.

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